1. Stop saying " praise god'… God is not a fool, most of his followers are.
    You can't sit there and try to justify a failed attempt to have independence when even the people on the ground are running away and wont fight your rubbish war.
    Before 2016, life was tough in Southern Cameroon BUT not impossible. People like you talk very loud but yet lack of judgement and proper planning.
    Look at where the situation is now?…
    A few Anglophones should have gone to jail in 2016 and this movement would have at least still looked descent and moved forward through international diplomacy.
    Instead, you came online opened your large mouths to spread lies and propaganda in the name of secession… Thousands now are dead, you are comfortable abroad with your children in Air Conditioned houses and you dare come online to look important?
    FOOL !!

  2. all this leaders nonsense need to stop, it is better we dissolve and rebuilt the IG instead of these many useless groups and the so called leaders conflicts but let me tell you don't use the name of God to project the image of your so called leader or ADF, we are not stupid ok, your agenda is death on arrival OK, you should be thinking of how to rebuilt the IG instead of talking AGC/ADF nonsense, you and your gang really think we are blind, in fact thunder fire that your mouth for using the name of God to project your evil agenda to ruin the revolution

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