Cpdm members are drunkers

2 years ago

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----------> www.nchangshoeboys.org Support the Nchang shoe boys via above link as we want to exert serious incursion on the ground. Ambazonians pls forward to all friends and family on your whatsapp. Let us rise like one people one power and kick out the occupier LRC from our land. Aluta Continua # freesouhterncameroon #freeayuktabe #freepatassang --------
Cpdm members are drunkers

Courtesy of… Djmamud Petiangma || 2017-01-27 19:56:48

The Struggle Continues

5 thoughts on “Cpdm members are drunkers”

  1. This rate of alcoholism is even worst than any kind of war. Only ignorant people will say cameroon is peaceful. We’re going to design and build a beautiful country that’s gonna work for everyone! We’re gonna make Ambazonian a beautiful nation. Watch out.

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