9 thoughts on “CRTV – Press Hour (PEACE INITIATIVES: What is new?) – Sunday, March 10th 2019”

  1. Those two thieves have a hidden agenda ok.that pa at the beginning of this crisis he said military should be sent down n today the idiot has flee the war zone to use. I followed him on this same panel last two years. Monkey, go n stay in your village ok. Thieves.

  2. Thank you Mr Taiwe Lambev the rest on this panel are stooges they don't know what they are saying.They are positions seekers. Our Amba boys will take care of you hypocrites. You stupid cpdm parliamentarians were clapping when the demon paul biya declared war on Ambazonians and you cpdm idiots supported him and called it party discipline.All of you so called parliamentarians will be consumed by this war .

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