Cultish – Confessions of a Mormon Ghost Hunter, Pt. 2

1 week ago

Join us for our latest series as we were recently on the road in Utah & talked with former Mormon Jared Fawcett about his upbringing being adopted into a Mormon family & how that led him into becoming a ” Ghost Hunter.

What exactly is ghost hunting & why would an upbringing in Mormonism make something like that appealing?

Tune in to find out!

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The Struggle Continues

13 thoughts on “Cultish – Confessions of a Mormon Ghost Hunter, Pt. 2”

  1. Eleven minutes in I’d have to say was a bit awkward! Great now angels look like demons !!!
    Lol looks like he may be in a cult after all lol
    Bible says that satan portrays himself as an angel of light, not that angels portray themselves as demons lol.
    Bald guy was like ooooooooorrrrrr it’s just cus angels look super holy and that’s why people were afraid… pause for awkward silence. Great job clearing that up for that poor ghost Hunter. That would have been a really good time to correct his misconceptions about what the Bible teaches regarding angels lol smh.. come on Andrew, yo ur my boy man I was TOTALLY expecting a correction from you there! Let’s GO SUPER SLUTH!

  2. I’m in says we could ghost hunt all day long to communicate with the dead that way but the Mormon church says playing with the Ouija board is just pure satanic you can’t communicate with the dead that way because that’s just communicating with Satan but you can communicate any other way with them just not over a game board lol
    ………. riiiight……

  3. This guy calls other ghost hunters dumb for the way they talk to dead people lol
    Meanwhile he and his “smart” friends are politely speaking to the demons which make all the difference apparently. What demon wouldn’t appreciate manners right?!? Makes since

  4. Jeff… y’all are slipping man. I hate to say this cus I adore what Gods done with yalls ministry. It really does hurt me to say this but this junk here was hard to watch. Wasn’t nothing about a cult. Shoot have me on next and I’ll talk about growing up near New Orleans with nothing but hang bangers getting jumped meanwhile your dads an executive director for youth for Christ who’s all about “say this magic prayer” etc.
    Through twenty years of addiction losing my dad to pills then going to a pentecostal rehab for a year which led me to a Pentecostal church where I met my wife and her whole entire family was deeply rooted in the church and I watch God move them all out Santa reformed theology and others just to another Pentecostal church in the struggle that is presented between my wife and I have five children and her six siblings and mom and dad. Let’s talk about some real stuff that matters is that some hard questions about salvation and dealing with addiction while being told all you have to do is say this magic prayer and everything will change. Like come on guys.. this kid was anything but credible and frankly he just seemed to want attention.

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