36 thoughts on “Culture Thieves, Self Hate and Denial of African Heritage and Origins”

  1. How many “black/African Americans “ can speak their African native language. Why didn’t the Africa slave pass down their language? Using language to justify your stance is weak as hell. And how do you know those in America who claim Native American identity and speak a language you don’t know, speak, or understand is the native language of true indigenous people? Gotta do better than that with your agent BS. Some “Indians” choose or forced to be placed on reservations and did their best to hold onto their language and culture. Some “Indians” were placed in the colonizers school and were taught out of their language, culture, and spiritual beliefs. Be even and fair in what you tell others. Or go back and do some more studying.

    I do not identify as African American, but American indigenous (by bloodline) and I like certain aspects of some African culture. I am not a culture thief. I also identify as Irish (by bloodline). So when I identify as “white”, is that being a culture thief?

    It is very disingenuous for you to judge others, you have not identified specifically, as culture thieves, and haters of Africans. Where is your proof? Melanite aka black people were scattered all over this planet, before any Atlantic slave trade. And there was no landmass named Africa when people were scattered over this planet. Those “black” people in other countries don’t call themselves African, like African Australians, African Chinese, African Melanesian, etc. They have their own culture. You need to have respect for my elders, as you want to be respected. My elders, called Blackfoot Indians, were NOT culture thieves. And BTW, my people did not call themselves Blackfoot. The colonizer renamed groups of people and land masses.

    If it is true that there was once one land mass, then indigenous melanite people were here on the land now called America since ancient times. They were all over the place. One example are the Olmecs in Mexico, a dark-skinned people who were in the Americas since ancient times. Did they come from Africa? No, there was no such place as Africa. Regardless, we are still all one people-Humans. And we are free to identify however, we want.

  2. We will never be a united people if we can not respect one another. That includes religious beliefs, cultural identification, etc. I will never come together with any one or group who judge me as a culture thief, or need for me to identify as they do. People of different nations and cultures can come together without your type of judgement. I don’t have to be African to stand with Africa. Hell, Africans don’t stand behind or with other Africans.

  3. Awesome show bro West.
    Wanted to hear how blacks were cut off from their language regardless of what it was.
    Could the same reason we don't speak African be the reason indigenous blacks only speak English now?

  4. I work with a East Indian guy he’s blacker than me with straight hair I asked him if he ever gets mistaken as an Africa America he said never.

    I said do you have African dna because your skin is darker than me he said no just because our people are dark skinned don’t mean we automatically Africans or have Africa roots.

    I said interesting.

  5. I don’t know any African American that can speak any African languages WHY ?

    The same reason why they don’t speak the Cherokee language it was beaten out of them history, and culture destroyed.

  6. Black Native Americans can't speak language, African Americans can't speak a native African tongue, 🤷🏾‍♂️ Get past that and align financially. No African country helped us in our struggles, In just saying🤦🏿‍♂️

  7. None of them speak any of the native tongues of Africa either. The Moors were already here before Columbus and Nino the Moor helped Columbus pilot over here. The tribes here spoke Arabic, Hebrew and wrote in Cunefic like all the African world. These Masonic lies must stop.

  8. Will we ever just agree to disagree, but still be able to come together as one -as Black First. It is evident that we are all seen as Black regardless of where we come from or what continent we claim. WHEW!

  9. None of them speak any of the native tongues of Africa either. The Moors were already here before Columbus and Nino the Moor helped Columbus pilot over here. The tribes here spoke Arabic, Hebrew and wrote in Cunefic like all the African world. These Masonic lies must stop.

  10. Black people in America need to invent an African American dialect and drop English language. We salute you and respect your contribution, I.e building the greatest power (USA)

  11. That's why I; made the comment many years ago; to the "CAMPS"; the "MOORISH AMERICANS"; that they'll be DESTROYED in AMERIKKKA, if it comes to the point where; we have to run up OUTTA here. I wonder if they would change their minds, if PERSECUTION, ramp up; will they try to make it OUTTA here? Many will be, shoved in these FEMA CAMPS; built for us!!!!!!

  12. This is our land too right here. Our ancestors, family, friends help to build this country they fought and died for fro freedom, justice and equality! Still I believe Pan Africanism is important and should be recognized to and always!

  13. I gladly answer the question to Pan-Africanism. If I may? Yes, Pan-Africanism did exist before the arrival of Europeans on African soil. PaaS/ From East to West the Sudan script was used.

  14. T west like watching your shows and would like to know what movie you watched new or old and apply some historical and political context to it, for me as a young man, roots left mark on me forever do have a movie that left a mark on you if so can you do a show on it

  15. No than you, not muhamadinism.  You come from people who overcame slavery but you want to follow the satanic religion that had and still has black people enslaved the longest.  BYE.

  16. From The Beginning Of The Existence Of Mankind…Humans Have ALWAYS Found Ways To SEPARATE Themselves From Their Neighbors; If Not Through Religion, They Succeeded Through Tribal Differences. Today, It's Either Through Politics Or Racial Identity – SEEDS OF HATE. Does It Matter? And If So, Why?! Why Must We CHOOSE To Be Different – When WE ALL Are Human Beings? Come JUDGEMENT DAY, Do You Think What "Race" We Are Will Matter? We Should Be Tired Of Labels That Place Us In A Box Someone FORCE Us To Choose. No Wonder The World Is In The Shape It's In..Yet, We Will Oppose War – While Engaging In It Among Each Other. Doesn't Make Any Sense…STRIFE Creates Divisions That Weakens The Unity Of Mankind, Which Is Not A Win For Anyone. In The Sight Of God It Doesn't Matter What Group We Align Ourselves With – If We Are NOT Righteous! My Brothers And Sisters Are BELIEVERS (Who SERVE God)… It's The Soul That Counts, Not Racial Pride.

  17. Mr. T West do you have respect for the scholarship of Clyde Winters Professor Clyde Winters who studies genetics genealogy history things of that nature. do you have respect for his scholarship? Are you more educated than him on this subject or are you just somebody with a dashiki parroting off things that you have no knowledge of stay with the news that's your angle

  18. Professor Black truth and his cult, along with Mr. Jason, stated that the elders don't deserve and respect because the elders didn't fight to demolish racism and the unfair treatment we as blacks received!

  19. Lol hey you negro Native Americans,since you can't speak any of the Indian languages,how about some old recipes???? You should know how to make some fry bread or suntin 👁👁🤣🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

  20. Don't forget about Africa denying the heritage of Black people….i.e…where can "Black people" go in Africa and be at home (THEIR HOME)….where they are citizens…? …..We see…!

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