Dangote following the order of Ahmed Bello

11 months ago

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Those of you waiting on Dangote refinery, watch this video


The Struggle Continues

28 thoughts on “Dangote following the order of Ahmed Bello”

  1. Good Job my brother👏🏽 some fools here are allergic to the bitter truth👉🏼Nigeria is a scam!. Truth can be told anywhere in the world as long as it’s undiluted. Guess what, Nigeria is evil therefore Biafrans are allergic to it. The ignorants should also be aware that Biafra is uploading within and outside the zoo, so those bastards asking you to come back should know that things are better done from developed countries that understand the cores and values of independence unlike the dark zoological dungeon where truth is twisted in to dark lies. Therefore, light and darkness has nothing in common as Biafra represents light and Nigzooria darkness. No wonder since after independence till date they still can’t boast of ordinary light 💡 nothing to boast of at all, shame! So what would someone be doing in such a shit hole dark evil forest, full of evil dark heart useless leaders. Even Google knows that Nigeria is worst than a zoo. If you like you may ask Google.

  2. Abba kyari daughter and others in aso rock are confused 😕, and they all have no peace✌️.
    I would have appreciates if Abba kyari daughter said her father have no bank account In both home and abroad instead of her saying her father never had a car.
    My question now is before the death of Abba kyari, we were told he travelled to Germany or so were he contacted the virus, did abba kyari traveled with leg, car, or presidential flight? If is presidential flight, ls abba kyari the president of Nigeria?, what right 👉 has he to use a presidential flight as a chief of staff? I want abba kyari daughter to answer this question because she said her father never drove a car. If her father never drove car, does that mean he should be flying with the presential jet or flight?.

  3. Absolutely right and correct.Truth is bitter.
    And the Refinery is located in the South and the crude for the refinery will be coming from the South.
    Should Nigerians be surprised..NO.
    When the source of his Billions are shady and him being a "Front & Proxy" for the looters of Nigerian Treasury who have stolen and bastardized the country..NONSENSE

  4. All of them will continue to contradict and expose themselves..THIEVES.
    It shall never be well with them and their families present generations and the generations to come for what they have done and continuously do to Nigeria.
    The people do not have food No good health care No roads etc and a daughter of a late looter of the people's wealth is talking about owning a car..So Abacha's returned loot is what?A loan or what.
    Babangida in Minna with the 12billion 1st Gulf war windfall over to you..Where is your loot Babangida.

  5. Simon Ekpa, i am so much disappointed with you on this video against dangote allegation, i can say that you don't know the location of this dangote refinery and you never visit there. there is alot of thousands of Nigerians working at the project site, Hausa, yoruba and Igbo.and others tribes which i know very well and my own house is 1hr/3m from my house to the refinery. don't link the refinery to biafra and nigeria problem.

  6. It's Ahmadu Bello, not Ahmed Bello, Mr. Ekpa. I almost didn't know who you were talking about. I saw the video. Ahmadu Bello was talking nonsense in that video. He was clearly afraid of the Ibos then. That is one of the reasons why the northerners delayed the independence of Nigeria from 1957 till 1960. They couldn't compete with the south. They are always afraid of progress; to move forward, but looking for someone else to blame for their failures at the same time. Nigeria can never shed that zoological status while the north remains part of that contraption.

  7. Wickedness is in the house of Abba Kyari. The daughter is just busy exposing the folly that resides in the house of Abba Kyari. They say stupid things like not having the luxuries of life while they suck the country dry.

  8. Mr Simeon hope i'm seeing clear,I love the way you making this video close to the sea,so that you can show them ships carrying the crude oil lol 😂🤣😂🤣. This one is part zero, they ve' never seen anything.Oil my foot, every time one Nigeria one Nigeria but it the right sense is one oil.I hope and wish that things continue this way,cos oil has no value now and let's pray it remain so.
    We don't need oil to be a standard Country.Human Resources will go along way to develop standard Country.Nigeria is a fraud and will remain so. His Fulanies brothers are illiterates is why his contracting Indians, never mind.We are gone already. Zoo must fall. IPOB one family.

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