DaniLeigh's IG Post Has Us Worried If She's Okay

2 weeks ago

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The Struggle Continues

33 thoughts on “DaniLeigh's IG Post Has Us Worried If She's Okay”

  1. She just needs to stop trying to force herself into black culture. She trolls for attention and when it doesn’t go her way she acts like a victim. She made that song knowing what she’s doing then made a half ass apology. She doesn’t care or understand the culture because if she did that whole song wouldn’t have been made knowing the history of black women and colorism.
    Men will take up for her because they find her attractive and she will eventually come back to the limelight 🙄

  2. adam u got it wrong, people don’t like dani cause she’s claiming blackness when she’s 1/4 or 1/6 to improve her career and monetize off being a POC

  3. I ain’t worried she wants more attention. People who actually struggle with those thoughts do not look to social media for attention. We suffer alone because we are our own enemy

  4. People need to stop apologizing for things they did when they were kids just laugh at those dumbass people that get offended and their feelings hurt and every little thing

  5. This new generation sumthin else ..being a hater is rewarded ..being a snitch gets u a record deal??? If u get a bunch of people to believe a lie n speculate with u ….thst mean it's a truth?? I need a reboot only 90s singers n artists for a while. A full music reboot😂😂😂.

  6. She’s fine.. she just realize her run is over lol imagine being co signed by prince and that still not being enough smh.. coi leray just took her spot as the pretty light skin girl that dudes tolerate cuz they wouldn’t mind sleeping with her

  7. Im usually on board with you Adam but Just because Dani acts black doesn’t mean she cares for the community. Adam I see you as someone who profits heavy off the black community but you also have genuine love and respect for the black community as well and that’s why we embrace you. I do hope she detox from Social media and finds a happier place but you can’t say she being bullied when black people don’t support someone who profits off of them but does things that seems like they don’t respect them or want unity for them

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