Dave Chappelle On US Former President Donald Trump || Dave Chappelle

1 month ago

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The Struggle Continues

9 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle On US Former President Donald Trump || Dave Chappelle”

  1. If you want good shit to happen there is nothing else to do but squash the republicans and tax the living shit out of rich people so there are no people who with their money and power can threaten our democracy and country. And when we get to that point of desperation where we will try that, the guns and bombs and secret plans to look into your digital history and make sure you cannot get a job, education or health care if you are a Democrat … or if you are not a staunch enough Republican. These people are serious. They have shown it over and over and over again. The mean to kill people, and with all these lifting the covid restrictions just as rich people are getting vaccinated, they have a statistical advantage to kill poor people, and that is what they are doing. This is not a joking laughing matter.

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