Deadliest Journeys – Haiti: Hell in Paradise

3 months ago

Haiti is the poorest country in the Caribbean. To cross the country, there are only dirt tracks to transport people and their goods. Travelling the 80km that separates Gonaïves and Môle Saint Nicolas in the North-east takes up to ten hours. There is one bus which makes the journey, and it is far from a comfortable ride.

Directors : Alexandre Spalaikovitch and Guillaume Lhotellier


The Struggle Continues

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  1. Somebody check my arithmetic here: She was offered 3 Euros ($3.60 USD) so, If she earns .02 Grams every 4 days at 10 hours labor a day, and if .02 is 1/1000 of 28 Grams which is 1 ounce ($1900 USD Gold price)… she is earning 0.15 Cents/ hr divided by 2 (her and her husbands labor)…0.07 Cents an HOUR?!

  2. Despues del ultimo EARTHQUAKE varios paises donaron miles de dollares para Haiti pero como siempre los Gobiernos y funcionarios CORRUPTOS SE QUEDDARON TODO DINERO SIN IMPORTALES NI LOS NINOS NI GENTE HASTA CUANDO DIOS MIO.GOD BLESS HAITI.

  3. Where did all the relief from the hurricanes and the big earthquake money go? Hundreds of millions of dollars of relief money have gone into Haiti and somehow the situation just gets worse.

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