DEAR AMBAZONIANS, When old leaders like John Ndi Fru had done a lot of good in the past, that still…

2 years ago

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----------> Support the Nchang shoe boys via above link as we want to exert serious incursion on the ground. Ambazonians pls forward to all friends and family on your whatsapp. Let us rise like one people one power and kick out the occupier LRC from our land. Aluta Continua # freesouhterncameroon #freeayuktabe #freepatassang --------

When old leaders like John Ndi Fru had done a lot of good in the past, that still does not legitimate them to do wrong in the present. It is a normal process in democracy that leaders come (are elected) and go (are not elected anymore); no leader has a right on leadership (for life). That still can keep a retired leader in highest esteem in the population. But meanwhile, the political process in Ambazonia has changed to a situation, where any party or politician from Ambazonia MUST explicitly separate from the Biya dictatorship, from his Yaounde cronies and from La Kleptocratique du Craboon as a whole, because they are threatening to commit genozide on you and they are doing it already! There is no discussion that you MUST distance yourself COMPLETELY from killers, torturers, brutalizers, and violators of human rights, who are additionally stealing all your oil and degenerating your education system. And for those who fear full independence of Ambazonia, please realize that any form of union or federalization can only be done when there is mutual respect, fairness and integrity. That is the absolute precondition, but that is absolutely not given under Biya. So full independence of Ambazonia is the only way to force Biya and Francafrique down. Later, when Biya has been gone, and Cameroun overhauled its whole system of robbery to a system of integrity, only THEN you can think of a Confederation or else! Just don’t fear that Ambazonia isn’t big or strong enough to stand on its own, No!, it is rich and strong like crazy, only so many Ambazonians are still in a Stockholm Syndrome towards their murderer, robber, and rapist. Make a clear cut with your rapist Biya and his foreign country Cameroun and demand that clear cut from all of your politicians and leaders! Meanwhile we in the diaspora are feverishly working out the new Constitution of Ambazonia and the road to Ambazonia Defence Forces, which will kick out Biya & Co forever!

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Long live Ambazonia! Long live Ambaland (Baland)! .

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The Struggle Continues

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