Dear brothers and sisters. Let me tell you what decentralisation will bring to you “Ambazonians” 1-…

9 months ago

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Dear brothers and sisters. Let me tell you what decentralisation will bring to you “Ambazonians”

1- You will elect your president of regions who will not be appointed by the head of state. He will work for you and by you.

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2 – There will no more be SDO’s. If they exist, they will have limited powers

3 – municipal councils will be fully autonomous.

4 – jobs will be created on varied domain as the building of the nation will be done on local levels.

5 – You won’t need to go to Yaoundé for what so ever. All will be done at the regional level. And many more advantages that I forgot to list here.

I know the pain you all are going through.
Me myself, I am from the SW region born in Ekondo titi. As you know there is no road from ekondo titi to kumba so am nOt an elite nor the child of a politician I am suffering too.Inearly had a heart attack on October 1. I suffered and cried all day for what happened.

But Independence that you seek is not an easy issue. It is WAR unless you don’t know what WAR is. I think you all don’t want to loose your family members in a stupid war.

The president said he will put in place effective decentralisation this year 2018 . With all the advantages I enumerated above, I plead with you to see into it and think deeply about it.

We are stronger with our franchophones brothers than being alone. Look at what nearly happened to equatorial Guinea last week . So beloveth “Ambazonians” if you want Ayuk as president, , you should start registering yourself for the up coming presidential elections and ask him Ayuk Tabe seseko to run for the position and vote for him.
You are over 8 million Ambazonians as you claime and I believed he will win if you all vote for him.

I hope this message will open your mind and make you rethink of want you really want. Thaks for reading and GOD bless you All.

By Samantha White

Courtesy of… Samantha White || 2018-01-12 08:32:38

The Struggle Continues

25 thoughts on “Dear brothers and sisters. Let me tell you what decentralisation will bring to you “Ambazonians” 1-…”

  1. True talk and loving but I only heard of decentralization when thire started this problem, please I will like to ask you have those gerndams that rub students in the mord been santion or what about the familis that have lost thire love once in this isue

  2. Sister you are wasting ur time in this group . I have study this group for 1 year now and it’s the most radical group. We love Bamenda is a group which is more radical than real Ambazonia groups. I always laugh when ever I see ur post. You can’t convince nobody in this group.

  3. I hope you know that the 1996 constitution provides for appointed governors who will be above the elected regional commissioners and these appointed governors are answerable to the president of the Republic and every project of the region must go to the governor’s office. Go get that constitution and read below buddy

  4. The blood of the innocent can’t go in vain plus the refugees so my dear stop dreaming because the determination of the people is the Restoration of southern Cameroon’s aka ambazonia

  5. When was decentralisation created and it has never been put in place why now you know that ekondo titi uteven ndian division as a whole is poorly develop and cameroon gov,t exploit the area very well without any move taken to foster development

  6. You have said your mind and well said but
    Let me relighting you a little the teams decentralization is not new in Cameroon dictionary it was adopted in 1996 constitutional amendment but no effect up to date
    So do you thing it’s now that the dictator will just let go power all in the name of decentralized state
    And for our president Ayuk his don’t one to be but president of Cameroon OK he one to be but president of Ambazonia.
    Ni John Fru was very popular in the early 1990s and won the Presidential election did Biya give power !??? Do you thing its in 2018 that he would do that ???

  7. Mrs poster do u know when this issue of decentralisation was introduced in Cameroon? If u don’t know then know it today it was revised in de constitution of 1996 an till now it has not yet been implemented . and u still want us to believe it will get better pls keep it for self. I think 57 years is enough

  8. She’s a thief trying to convince us her, just go to her profile and study it for yourself. She is from Bamenda in her profile with only one profile picture. On her post she said she is from ekondo

  9. Samantha white,thanks for your thought but I understand you don’t know Cameroon, I think you should find out again. Find out how we got to this said Union and what happened next.we know a lot more than you think,no one like war OK,but we will risk anything for our freedom.

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