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Death Celebration in Cameroon, small willage near Bamenda, march 2012.

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Death Celebration in Cameroon, small willage near Bamenda. Maybe the name was Buffangi, maybe not. It is hard to explain this ceremony, i guess, I was capturing only second day of two-days celebration.

I think Sherry was in the same celebration as me…

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Here is the link http://sherryincameroon.blogspot.com/2009/04/juju-dancing-and-more.html

It’s not a funeral, but a traditional death celebration. The grandparents of a friend’s friend of mine, passed away five years ago. They were buried then, but celebrating now. It’s a huge affair and costs a lot of money, taking some families even 10 or 15 years just to prepare for it. Each family member had to invite a community group linked to the grandparents, through work, church, or whatever… so many friends, relatives, and acquaintances of not only the grandparents but of the family and community were there… we’re talking hundreds, maybe even over a thousand! Each group would present a dance, called Juju dancing. We took up a whole section of a neighbourhood and all the different groups were spread around. People were sitting and talking and eating and would go back and forth from the main area, where the dances took place, as well as visit the grave site or admire photos of the deceased. It started in the afternoon and I’m sure it lasted all night. The men and women were all dressed in their colourful, traditional regalia and each group matched each other. They would sing songs in various dialects and, at the end of the song or really… just randomly, the men would shoot hunting rifles into the air (with live ammunition!!!!). I jumped every time one went off… the children would go running, but the adults seemed to not even notice a dozen shots in the air in ten seconds! I was wondering whether the combination of rifles and drinking, dancing, and celebrating was really the safest tradition… but anyway, people were joyous and welcoming. It was a very interesting, ethnological experience. Cheers! Bang! Bang!


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  1. Gerald Doh says:

    The name should be Bafanji 

  2. Gerald Doh says:

    Thanks man. Great show.

  3. the juju at 20:17 scared you off hehe
    nice video :)

  4. Men you've got mind, I am a Nigerian nd I can't dear to attend such ceremonies. Those things are no more humans, they are controlled by evil spirits of which if they loos control of them, things go real bad

  5. RedCassava says:

    Great, this should be the best video that captured the culture of North Wes Cameroon.
    Thanks for the video

  6. felix owusu says:

    Did I just see Samuel Eto'o

  7. felix owusu says:

    Sometimes I wonder what kinda evil spirits descended from the heavens to Africa. They must be real evil

  8. When it comes to find out why the death of some one whether it's death especially very important person has happen bamenda is good in that

  9. kfokou says:

    Great culture indeed. Long live to the Grassfield region of Cameroon. I encourage those who don't know to ask, and they will be told. There is nothing evil here At all.

  10. I am very proud to say that I come from this village in the North West province of Cameroon. The name of the village is Bamessing/Nsei, under Ngoketunja division. It's a Culture that has to be preserved. All the African cultures have been modernized. What is left of African legacy?  Thanks for your effort Mikus Meirāns.

  11. Tiapo Denis says:

    You are right mr Mikus Meirans; that is indeed Bafanji Village; otherwise known as small London. Thanks for the video.

  12. French Tana says:

    please could you correct the spelling mistake. it is irritating

  13. shalimaar444 says:

    je suis aussi Bamileke. et si l'on enlevait le son et me disait que ceci se passé dans mon village a baham, j'aurais pour dementir ce fait. c'est completement indentique.vive les BAMILEKESI mean I cannot see any difference at all on the picture.  from the clothing to any move and ceremony.

  14. and where is the dead in this melee?

  15. Don Dani says:

    Looks like I saw my mother in this video

  16. Nice one, the women in the video dressed like the women from eastern Nigeria (Biafra) and bit similar culture

  17. The village is call Babanki

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