Defeated President Of Gambia: The West Cannot Tell Lecture Me

1 year ago

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Defeated President of The Cambia Yahya Jammeh who is refusing to accept clear election results blasts western powers in this video. He attacks gays and lesbians as un-African. He talks about obeying the law of Islam but does not accept that power comes to an end. This video seems to have been shot in 2014, two years before he was defeated by Adama Barrow some weeks ago. This goes to show how those who claim to be sanctimonious pervert the system for their selfish interest.


The Struggle Continues

22 thoughts on “Defeated President Of Gambia: The West Cannot Tell Lecture Me”

  1. There are lots of truth in his statement but that Muhammad never killed Jew is a broad day light falsehood. Go and find out what he did to banu quraisah (the Jews that he met in medina) 700-800 of them were slaughtered in a broad day light.

  2. why are muslim leaders like this??? always clinging to power, too bad
    anyway, i like his boldness and awareness of the enemy the black man has, but mr, you lost the election, you have to give way for the winner…africa need leaders like these, but they should respect democracy!

  3. Mr. President, please don't be deter. I am a Christian but I thank God for your faith in your religion. I miss the days when we all Africans comingled amongst different religions. I pray for you and the people of The Gambia that the devil will be put to shame.  "GOD BLESSING UPON YOU"

  4. ECOWAS is going to kill their brother because of Buhari African are so stupid white people have come and take their people in Gambia but african like Nigeria and ECOWAS can not go and remove their citizen but the have gone to Gambia to use war jet and war ship and troops on the ground.mandinka Ur causing tribal war .jamme is the best president of Africa

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