Dele Momodu To Reno Omokri If You Face The Kind Of Fire Nnamdi Kanu Has Seen You Will Be Radicalise

3 weeks ago

Dele Momodu To Reno Omokri If You Face The Kind Of Fire Nnamdi Kanu Has Seen You Will Be Radicalised
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The Struggle Continues

20 thoughts on “Dele Momodu To Reno Omokri If You Face The Kind Of Fire Nnamdi Kanu Has Seen You Will Be Radicalise”

  1. dele Tell the fool Reno nothing like restructuring again division is best see this idiot since he be taking of president he never talk of East to become president fool

  2. Dele I respect you a lot, I want to question, who will conduct this very election? Is it not this cables are going to conduct it, let us always tell our self the truth, a p c and p d p are the same thing, let us stop deceiving our self, divide the country and let everyone be free simple

  3. The fear of MNK is the beginning of the wisdom 不不不不. Sir biko thank you for defending your very good friend and we the Igbo's love you and love Oduduwa and don't mind that young man that trying to help his boss GJ that Northners politicians want to use bring back to power because I was in that new hotel GoodLuck came last week I new what happened there last week and I was surprised to saw all the magics happened that day but my advice for your boss Goodluck is he should respect himself and walk away…

  4. Mr Momodu I take you as one of the best moderators in the country. The so called man you interviewed is one of the hopeless politicians in Nigeria.
    For me I believe that Mazi Nnamdi Kalu is the most powerful Black man of our time.
    I am 55 years old. Not because l am a Biafran but he has made us to know many things we don't know. You have come to realize it yourself.

  5. I thought this Reno Omokri of a guy is wise and smart, but I lost my full respect for him over his views, he has no words of his own, he keeps changing personal opinion over little breeze, I stopped being your fan after watching this video

  6. I'm sure Reno after watching this interview at home, will regret ever being on this show. Pathetic, he's just sentimental enough to loose my trust, always protecting the PDP, these are the same corrupt leaders

  7. Sir, Omokri, please! Leave MNK alone and still believe in useless jungle called Nigeria. I don't like your stand about Nigeria but good for you. I respect you for your politeness and Nigeria is not good for you and Good luck.Biafra will be good for you and Good luck. Good luck can contest in Biafra. The jungle called Nigeria may consume you and Good Luck this time. Be careful, because you are playing politics with Fulanis.On Biafra we stand!

  8. With all this killing in the east you think the Eastern will want to remain in Nigeria????? I don't see this happening just that the igbo or Eastern side of Nigeria have the betrayal among them that's why the fight get tough

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