Delhi protests: India's worst religious violence in decades

6 months ago

The death toll from some of the worst religious violence in Delhi in decades has risen to more than 20, as Muslims fled their homes and several mosques in the capital burned after attacks by Hindu rioters. Clashes between Hindu and Muslim groups that began on Sunday showed no sign of abating, with reports of hundreds injured from gunshot wounds, acid burns, stabbings and wounds from beatings and peltings with stones
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36 thoughts on “Delhi protests: India's worst religious violence in decades”

  1. सारी गलती तो हिन्दुओ की थी है न अबे दोगले अपना एजेंडा कही और चला अब हिन्दू जाग रहा है, बहुत जल्द हिन्दू राष्ट्र होगा भारत

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