Denouncing French sponsored terrorist -Paul Biya @ The Commonwealth Secretariat

2 years ago

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Following the killing & raping of British Southern Cameroonians by French Sponsored Terrorist Paul Biya of La Republique Du Cameroun, Maitre Alex Ndive Lisinge. .In a clarion call. .denounced the French president – François Hollande..for protecting the Dictator of LRC who has been in power for 34 years and the killing of British Southern Cameroon.


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  1. If you live in and around Germany, a demonstration has been organised for the 27.01.2017 starting 12:30pm. Meeting point is Pariser platz at the Brandenburger Tor infront of the French Embassy. From there we will march to the British Embassy and end at the German Foreign office. If you have the possibility of coming and you stay home it means you are worse than Boko Haram. Come out in your numbers and let's make our voices heard. God bless you as you stand fearlessly as soldiers of the cross for justice.

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