Dethroned Miss Cameroon 2016 Speaks Up

1 year ago

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It all started in July 2016 when Julie Nguimfack Cheugueu was crowned as the most beautiful girl in Cameroon but made headlines later that year after she was denied a visa by the American Embassy in Cameroon to attend Miss World competition in the United States.

In a statement she said she was denied a visa because the organisers of Miss Cameroon competition, known as Committee In Charge Of The Miss Cameroon Competition (COMICA) wrote against her, telling embassy officials that she had planned never to return to Cameroon after the competition. It was all lies against her, she said.

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She said COMICA did not pay the participation fee of $2500 required for the Miss World Competition and had been having a running battle with them on many issues.

Last week, COMICA launched the 2017 edition of the Miss Cameroon competition and announced that Miss Cameroon 2016, Julie Nguimfack Cheugueu, had been dethroned, and replaced, not with the beautiful girl who came second, third or fourth, but with the one that came fifth.

That other girl, known as the 4th Dauphine (the third runner-up or the person who came fourth after the winner), was Miss South West; Ange Minkata.

The organisers said the first Dauphine resigned, the second and third Dauphines are not available, that’s why they went for the 4th Dauphine.

COMICA claimed it dethroned her because she was not disciplined. The organisers had tried, tirelessly, to give her countless advice but she had failed to yield them, they claimed.

The organisers blamed her for making Cameroon lose its place at the Miss World competition in the United States and argued that they had to dethrone her to avoid further losses.

But in an interview in French with Equinoxe television, the beautiful girl in Cameroon in 2016 explained what transpired.

For a start, she was asked to live in the capital Yaounde without accommodation and decided to stay back in Douala where she had a place to stay.

Then, the car the organisers gave her was taken away from her immediately after journalists left on the day she was crowned and after pictures had been taken and sent to the press.

She was also only given less than a thousand dollars for winning the crown and the money the ministry of culture gave her, the organisers took haft of it.

She rejected allegations that she was indiscipline, arguing that she had travelled to the country’s far north to help those children whose parents had been killed by Boko Haram and made mentioned of tribalism in a nation highly polarized along tribal lines.

She said she was asked to go and get accommodation from her Bamileke brothers in Yaounde. The organisers seem to come from another part of the country.

She learnt she had been dethroned via social media and was not contacted by anyone, she said. She said she was asked to take cab everywhere she went to show class after her car was taken away from her by the organisers, just 30 minutes after she won Miss Cameroon 2016. The United States Embassy in Cameroon was yet to reply TheSimonAtebaNews tweet to them requesting to know why the visa was denied.

The full interview can be found below but it is in French.


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