Did You Know About The History of the Kanem Borno Kingdom? | History Of Kanem Bornu Kingdom |

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What was the Kanem Bornu Kingdom Known For? | Sankofa Pan African Series | History Of Kanem Bornu Kingdom |

The Kanem–Bornu Empire existed in areas that are now part of Cameroon, Chad, and Nigeria. It was known to the Arabian geographers as the Kanem Empire from the 8th century AD onward and lasted as the independent kingdom of Bornu (the Bornu Empire) until 1900. The Kanem Empire (c. 700–1380) was located in the present countries of Chad, Nigeria, and Libya.

Watch this Episode as Dr. Bunmi sheds light on this intriguing kingdom.

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  1. Need info on igbo and yoruba from somebody in these tribes. Particulary their spirituality please. I am hearing they have many Gods and then I am hearing is one God like the Isrealites and they have practices like them.

  2. As Chadian I got right to clarified some info kanem is means south in Zaghawa tribe who established the kingdom which kanem ppl took over from the Zaghawa ppl but I don’t know whether u didn’t this or u just ignore the role of tribes that based in modern day Chad who played a big role for empowering the kingdom before further it expansion to modern day Nigeria history can’t be manipulate

  3. Imagine an entire continent probably worth 40 trillion in total resources alone , everybody wants it to do better, the leaders have said that they want it to do better, the ppl want it to do better , yet it's the poorest continent, ppl are migrating from it's borders and choosing to drown instead of staying, it's diaspora identifies themselves with it's colonizing country and last but not least it has yet to stand up for itself while it's being robbed. That continent is Africa , n it's been disappointing it's ppl for centuries now . No amount of historical education can change that.

  4. Hello. Can someone shed light on how Africa got her name? I'm hearing different stories. Came from Romans, named after Leo Africanus, Phoenician name. Is there something I can read to answer this from a good source other than Wikipedia?

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