24 thoughts on “Divorce Your Wife, Lose Your House in Nigeria? | Your View 5th March, 2019”

  1. What happens if the reverse is the case that is where the woman contributed over 75% financially to building the house, will the house still be shared equally?

  2. Marriage is slowly fading away anyways.
    Man & woman just needs stability to stand on their own.
    Let’s not continue to kill our selves over issues that we can really fix as humans.
    When God created women & men, he knew exactly what he was doing…. Reproduce & populate the earth.

  3. Solution… If you re rich be careful of who you marry.. Marry your class and someone with prospects…male or female. This law will only increase baby mamas and daddys and also increase depression.

  4. Obiajulu u ve spoken right. Y ld any1 b subjected to such toture & humiliation 
    but ld dey ve beaten a husband if he'd committed d same adultery. D woman 
    cud ve just leave n inv d law to take care of it.

  5. That judgement has just made so many women baby mamas ,90 percent of wivies nowadays are gold diggers becos we are married and she goes messing around when i seek divorce she get my house i built then any woman of such wil not live in the house more 14 days is better for the man to be widower than she takes my house forcefully by law

  6. Am glad that Divorce law in Nigeria is similar like that of the US. In the US, whoever has the full custody of the children get the house if they have only 1 house whether the husband or the wife. Most of the time is the wife that get full custody unless she is an unfit mother or she doesn't have a job to continue the mortgage on the house. Assets acquired during the marriage is divided 50/50 unless there is a prenuptial agreement signed before the marriage. Paying child support is enforced or the man will go to jail or taken out of his paycheck before he gets it. As a citizen ,his US passport will not also be renewed.
    The man flogging is wife should be sued for Assault in the court of law by his wife. He will go to jail if it was in the US. Am sure it will be same in Nigeria.

  7. let all of us agreed that no man should have exclusive right to have sex
    with a woman, even if you are a married woman you she should have the
    right to give sex to any man like hens and dogs the kingdom of God is at
    hand, see how all the ladies are happy over adultery

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