DJ DEX Epk 2k14

5 years ago

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The trendsetter of gospel dj’s
Born Dexter Easley Jr., DJ Dex was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and later moved to Charleston, South Carolina where his father, Dr. Dexter Easley Sr. is the pastor of the New Life Christian Church. At age twelve, DJ Dex began experimenting with deejaying and emulating DJ Jazzy Jeff. His uncle provided a boost for his DJ skills by blessing him with his first Technics 1200. Less than seven years later, DJ Dex would become one of the most popular DJ’s in the southeast. Inspired and encouraged by his father, DJ Dex began deejaying Gospel events and eventually started a career as a Gospel DJ.
His love and passion for Gospel music led to radio where he assisted in the creation of “Club 3:16,” a hip-hop gospel show that he hosted for five years. As the radio career of DJ Dex progressed, he became a radio personality for “Heaven 1390 WXTC” and also worked as a DJ at 106.3 WJNI. Currently, DJ Dex is host of the “New Life New You” radio show and can be heard on, WKSB in South Carolina and B92.3 in Florida. He also performs at various gospel events at churches and conventions all over the country.
“My vision is to translate the Word of God through hip-hop and encourage youth through my music that it is okay to be excited and get crunk for Christ. I want to help our youth and young adults spread the Word of God through music” said DJ Dex.
The performance credits of DJ Dex include: official DJ for Canton Jones, DJ for Gospel fest and DJ for concerts that featured the likes of: Kirk Franklin, Canton Jones, Suzy Rock and Mary Mary. In 2012, DJ Dex was voted #1 DJ in the southeast by the YGEA and Southern DJ Awards. In addition to being one of the top Gospel DJ’s in the gospel music industry, DJ Dex has a production company that includes: commercial voiceovers, radio imaging, promo spots for concert commercials and host DJ for Gospel concerts and church events and gatherings


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The Struggle Continues

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  1. DJ Dex, I wanted to reach out to you because we are having a youth revival. It is going to be radical, and make a huge difference in the life of our young people. I wanted to talk to you about possibly being the DJ. Have you been to the Northwest before?

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