Don't frustrate Buhari – #IStandWithBuhari Protesters

2 years ago

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The group, #IStandWithBuhari has advocated the need for Nigerians to monitor the activities of President Muhammadu Buhari more closely in order to be in touch with his people oriented programs.

The group made this known during their protest in Abuja on Monday, February 6, 2017.

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According to the group, “there is need for Nigerians not to frustrate the efforts of President Buhari in taking us back to the fast moving train”.

They akin Nigeria to a corrupt computer system that needs to be formatted. And the president should be given the opportunity to do the formatting.

They said, they are mindful of changes in the prices of commodities in the markets but believed it is part of the overhauling process, which requires shutting down and rebooting.

They are of the view that after successful restarting of Nigeria, Nigerians will have a more better and prosperous country.


The Struggle Continues

10 thoughts on “Don't frustrate Buhari – #IStandWithBuhari Protesters”

  1. Wow!are these people Ok in their heads? are they sleeping in nigeria?no light,no job,no good life, crippling dis nation,that they allow that man their to give them peenut to be suffering and smiling? how much did he pay u,? Remember ur unborn children,if things cant be corrected now it wil be hard o

  2. Tell Buhari that he should stop frustrating people in the country Nigeria…we have seen it and we are tired, but as for u one day your money will finish then u will feel it too

  3. u will reboot and format ko' ni ,with the lives of poor Nigerian's? u are looking for who u will kill e' no go better for u.. this man speaking should use his own family for that experiment u hear

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