1. How does this gentle man expect Ambazonia cause for independent be respected when he's proven to be a power monger self center individual. Always wanting to lead where ever he's involved. County by county is not triberlism, if it was then the USA couldn't 've been practicing it. It's practically for efficiency nd operations identification.

  2. You talk of not having a job , do you have,a job in Norway. What have you done for the pas 3 yrs .with your ADF . Moving around killings and kidnapping. tell us which part of Ambazonia have you captured. Power monger. I will prefer Lrc than you being my leader.

  3. Dr Cho Ayaba thanks Bro you are really the David of Ambazonia sent by Almighty God!!!🙏🌄 No human beings can win God almighty when he says yes!!! 🙏 Ambazonia is going to be free says the Lord of Host 🙏🙏🙏 All glory belongs to God almighty, we all Ambazonia people will live to remenber this year 2020!!! God almighty send a message last year, that he is going to free his people this year 2020!!! We all must be prayerful because this year is not an easy year!!!!! Be prayerful and have the fear of God almighty 🙏🙏🙏

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