3 thoughts on “Dr Ayaba Cho Addressees the Ambazonian Nation : THE BATTLE FOR THE SOUL OF OUR REVOLUTION”

  1. Dr hairdresser in search of fast cash. Atanga Nji knows your secrets and he’s coming for you! Trying to talk big when you don’t even have the power of speech makes you look like a dove laying her eggs in a snake hole! Repetition and more repetition means you have nothing new to offer. Step down and step back. You are not fighting the foe. You are fighting the friend! You have created a criminal ring terrorizing our people and pouring innocent blood all over ambaland! It seems to me that you are the disruptor and not the fixer! You are simply trying to write your name in a history book that has no more space for names like yours. Even Atanga Nji is behind you in terms of evil. Your absence will be high price for the revolution! Antanga Nji will put himself in the position of that young man who lured you to misery in London and you will slide into his trap. You have recruited a henchman in the name of Tapang Ivo to murder our people, no decision from you will be welcomed except from the IG headed by Ikome Samuel Sako! Stupid threats like that only makes you a hawk with no beak!

  2. Are you not the one who sold out and was put on blast by other Ambazonians in London when you went to sign an oil deal? Man stop tripping. People have lost their lives and you are acting like this. Move on with your life, we don't need people like you spoiling our revolution

  3. Why did you do the contractual agreement without disseminating the information to other leaders so that they know your moves. It's called accountability and transparency. Trust is broken when you act in a shady manner. Stop using the words "due diligence" when you act like shady dude. Inform your fellow leaders what you are doing and let them also peach in ideas because as an individual, you will never be stronger than the people

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