Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas delivers the most powerful speech yet for Ambazonia – The contender speech

3 months ago

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“You cannot attack the integrity of a high profile prisoner. I must not love Ayuk Julius Tabe before I fight for him but I will fight for him as a matter of principle. You can keep your President but we will keep Ayuk Julius Tabe. I still fundamentally disagree with him with the idea of a government formation. It should not have been formed in the first place. It has brought untold chaos in our revolution. If Dr. Samuel Sako is abducted today, I shall forget all differences and fight for him with my blood. I want you all to reject blackmail. We are sending our love to the wife of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe ” These were some of the words just proclaimed by Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas, leader of AGovC



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The Struggle Continues

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