11 thoughts on “Dr Cho Ayaba with strong message to SC Ambazonia”

  1. Noise nosie and noise. We have heard these speeches for too long. I think it is time to change the strategy. The regime is no longer moved by these speeches. You guys should do more on diplomacy and networking.

  2. Tsuiiiiiiiip speeches speeches speeches . but do the intentional diplomacy noooo . powerful. We don't see your work on ground we thought by now ayaba cho almighty must have entered buea and made buea too hot. But only speeches speeches . nonsense power munger.

  3. The crack down on Ambazonia terrorists continue in Cameroon. We must killed anyone who belongs to that terrorist set lead by this gangster and criminal speaking. Which he himself is on self exile and will die on exile with his generation. He will never set foot on Cameroon soil even his death body will not enter Cameroon.
    Camaroonians are more determined to fight this criminals and their gangs to the fullest.
    cameroonian army is one of the strongest army and most skillful in Africa and They are more determined to crush all terrorists that treathen the peace in Cameroon.
    God bless Cameroon.

  4. Dealers with LRC will soon know where the belong. Talk that your nonsense to that your gang group Capo Daniel Pamela , Tapang Ivo , Mark Barata, and co. Killers enablers. Tractors .Every day one and thr same foolish talk Dr Sako Samuel Ikome remains our enble President. The IG is winning .What about boys you killed in Guzang. You have to remember them also. They gost are coming for you.

  5. Dr Ayaba
    I have a worry with you.
    Can you define the word (Unity of porpose)?
    Can you my brother see what the ipob and Nnamdi kanu are doing as one United people in Nigeria?
    Why can't you use this bravery according to you and meet your brothers if the ACT so that all ideas can be put together and move this Lucifer from our way?
    What shall it profit us if we remain separated?
    If I were you,I could have moved to the Swiss talks and set the record straight if you are serious
    What is wrong in listening to someone and telling him on his face that he is wrong or right?????
    Step in to the train if your hands are clean.
    The USA…EU…Bretish etc have recognized it but you are standing far and backing outside like a dog
    Please my brother
    Stand up and step in.
    God bless you 🙏
    Happy New year

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