Dr. Damages Show – Episode 359: Clone or no clone, Rev. Mbaka & Bishop Oyedepo pee on the pulpit

6 months ago

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Tanzania’s President explains the real reason African leaders prefer Chinese loans to IMF and World Bank’s loans. In a shocking revelation, Dr. Damages outline items African countries buy from China and the ones China buys from Africa. In presidential politics, Rev. Father Mbaka’s shakedown of the Vice Presidential candidate of the PDP, Mr. Peter Obi, turned out to be a self-inflicted public disgrace of the man of God. Dr. Damages goes deep into how Peter Obi weaponized and deployed religion as governor of Anambra state to explain how the whole Mbakanization of Peter Obi was a case of chicken coming home to roost. Former Vice President Abubakar Atiku’s quest to clear the last huddle stopping him from being President of Nigeria got aborted half way as he turned his plane around in London the moment his triumphant entrance into America failed. Dr. Damages explains what happens next. Finally, President Buhari addressed the issue of whether he was the real Buhari or a body double. In his characteristic way, Buhari proclaimed, “I’m not a clone.” Dr. Damages observes that it was all that the world needed to laugh at Nigeria. Bishop Oyedepo of Winners chapel confused Olatunji Dare’s satire with a verse from the updated New Testament. From the greatest city in the world, Dr. Damages feels the shame. Your good doctor also presents news headlines and responds to your emails.


The Struggle Continues

43 thoughts on “Dr. Damages Show – Episode 359: Clone or no clone, Rev. Mbaka & Bishop Oyedepo pee on the pulpit”

  1. You will think one of those senseless Billionaires in Nigeria will be smart enough to build one good hospital to get quality treatment. They will steal public money and invest the money abroad. How will African/Nigeria prosper? When Billionaires are not able to provide needed employment. We need quality and forward leaders to steer the ship.

  2. I can see you are speaking for the ruling class. You are just one of the damaged blacks who cannot stand up for the truth…seeking to feel your stomach. Can you speak against the epileptic power supply, herdsmen killings, deplorable state of the roads, etc but you can criticize those who speak the truth concerning the mess in the country's politics.

  3. This Dr. Damaged is bias. He is shying away from buhari_jubril narrative. He failed to do a constructive analysis of Aisha,s video of cabals running the government and buhari,s defense in Poland of not being a clone

  4. Doctor u too much,keep on hammering the truth.
    China and Religion have finished Africa,shame on all of them who use church to make money on the gullible Nigerian masses…shame on them all

  5. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£doctor i'm still laughing about ur reply to that doctor who complained in his e-mail about roadsafety's harrassment..omg…i hope u kn that doctor will never ever dream of writing u any e-mail again lol

  6. IS it really true that the Chinese,in colaboration with their Nigerian counterparts where, ARE responsible for the abandonment of the defunkt, castaway, rejected Mile2 Orile Metro project….QUESTION. IF so, NIGERIA……..WE,VE GOT A PROBLEM…… God, PLEASE, have pity on the suffering Masses, condermned to a life of penury being runover by the Elites who have abandoned you, inorder to serve their god………..MONEY…..Amen.

  7. You have so much followers , An I am one of them , But bros know that this your joke will not take us anywhere, I want you to go back and listen πŸ‘‚ to nnamdi Kanu very well , And also go and listen πŸ‘‚ to aisha buhari that woman πŸ‘© is saying a lot of things and she even insulted you but you are happy with that 😒 , she insulted all men that is from Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬, Do you know that

  8. I fear for African countries Especially Nigeria. China is slowly taking over Africa. Don't we have engineers in Nigeria ? Okay! Lets say they are not good enough…why don't they make a deal with china that allow Nigerian youths to learn from the Chinese builders? This will reduce the amount of unemployed youths and perhaps they can take over from the Chinese builders. We need a government that thinks!!! An enovative government !

  9. Such a shame you depicted 'Jesus Christ' as a white man! When will this lie end – especially across Africa?! The real 'Jesus' was An African Israelite – an African Jew!!! Is it any wonder we Africans are still looked upon as ignorant fools by racists – most of whom know the truth?!
    I was taking in your production well well up until then. I was even going to share the video amongst my 5000 Facebook friends but have been put off by that false image…. πŸ™

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