12 thoughts on “Dr Ebenezer Akwanga Talks about the on-going Ambazonian Stuggle”

  1. Please it's very clear. Southern Cameroon or Ambazonian has failed. They are not prepared and are not able to win this war. We have to be talking of some else. We don't have control of our selfs. I hate LA Republic but it's not possible for the fighters to win. You know what am talking about. The fighters on the ground are now interested on their citizens to make money from them. For me am thinking of putting am end to this shit we call fights on the ground. That is the best option at the moment. How can parents accept the laws or rules from these fighters who are working against them?

  2. My brother Dr Akwanga human beings 're like that, not that they a're unwilling nor tired. The climarks are always like that, just like else where in the world when people are fighting for their rights they confront ups and down but the resistance continue. We are winning, there 're many examples to prove though not by killings but their economy is grinding in a very high speed. You can observe paying of salaries are becoming much difficult for the Gov't to handle with many other things inclusiff. We shall see more in the coming weeks. The withdrawal of CAN is another instance to prove. Though we have negative thinking individuals paid to paralyse our goals like brian Steve, it shouldn't surprise any body we know of their existent even during the times of Jesus Christ in the Bible.

  3. Dr that video is done by LRC agent period. Because, no diehearted Southern Cameroonian who understands what we're going through could stood so naive as to do a thing like that. God bless you Dr, and bless our struggle.

  4. It is clear for sure that those are the fake Amba boys of Atanga nji and Ekema period. Bcus , our boys can not do that open your eyes Dr Akwanga. The mission of Atanga nji is to sabotage our struggle by doing all those filthy things against the population, so that the population will turn against our boys and our struggle. Please you guys should do some findings, and you will discover that they are not our boys.

  5. U lack constructive dialogue. What evidence do u have to show that, this was done by our boys. Speak against our enemy, not against our boys. All these attrocities are done by LRP but u pointing fingers against our boys. Stop discouraging the boys, remember, nobody made u leader.

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