4 thoughts on “Dr, Nick Santos State House Press Briefing Saturday June 9 2018”

  1. Sako to put Milan Atam far off and even those who try to tell him anything different from this decision. I am not in any way trying to find Milan guilty in any way of form, but he is a distraction to our revolution. This is the second time I am saying this, last year when we had the issue of money with the paypal account I said it that he need to step asset if he really want our success. That did not happen and neither have we ever seen a clear transparency to the paypal account till today. Meaning we failed awfully in leadership this things can not keep happening and if they still do then all off you must have been compromise. Any Government that can`t answer calls for it`s citizens is fake. Any government that is not inclusive is will never have good governance. Any Government that does not want to sit and talk let alone pick calls from the citizens is short lived. We need diversity in our government not a group of people who push for one thing without checks and balances. I have followed and support Dr common sense before he became president and i know he can do it. All we want now is for him to show us his leadership. Mr President we don`t like to hear you fall for questions that are out to make say something negative about trying to bring people together, like when you said "how much more will I bend my back to this people". Lastly, Sako has to be swift in decision making time is against us.

  2. The I G P Dr Samuel Sako promised to present to us his new cabinet in the week ahead. We were expecting to hear about his unitary Gov't soonest but unfortunately he's still on his tour in the US. Shot live the struggle, long live Ambazonia. God bless the people of Southern Cameroon Ambazonia.

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