1. Dr Santos resigns and he is exposing IG as incompetent and over corrupt.
    The worst of all he said IG is vommucating with LRC directly.
    More over IG is using Ayaba,Akwanga m Boh Herbert to creat division and distract attention from failure of my trip to Buea.
    Imbecile sako Ikome samuel and chief clown arrogant chris Anu are exposed by Dr Santos who’s was the right hand man of imbecile sako.
    Sako used Eric Tataw to be against other leaders mostly AYABA , Akwanga and other activists, simply to distract attention for misused of my trip to Buea funds and to put the failure blame that its Ayaba n Akwanga who has made the revolution to fail.
    Unfortunately for him none of these leaders has public ask to be IG leaders ,all what imbecile sako n clown arrogant big mouth chris Anu has been doing is busy communicating with LRC, blackmailing other leaders and embezzling donated funds. Promoting fighting between Amba fighters in Ground Zero when IG don’t have no fighters under their command or under their payslips. All IG does is blackmail of Amba leaders, Creating confusion only to distract attention from IG failure for my trip to Buea,now they want another my trip to Buea, only idiots will donate.
    Ayaba n Akwanga commands the biggest number of fighters in GZ for this reason imbecile sako FUCKEN IKOME n chief clown arrogant big mouth chris fucken Anu are both very very jealous. Dr Santos contained THRM for too long and finally said enough is enough he resisted. Why are Ambazonians being killed n IG is busy communicating with LRC and IG keeps everything classified from Amba people including my trip to Buea funds. Dr Santos is exposing IG and many of the IG mafias are begging Dr Santos not to expose many things.But I am sure Dt Santos will tell Amba people more about IG failures and IG 419 scam mafia

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