Dr. Sley – WAR “Let’s Sing For LOVE” (Realized by AsquadeCity)

4 years ago

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Press Release for New Video “WAR” by Dr. Sley

Cameroon – Afro/Soul Reggae singer Dr Sley is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single “WAR” available everywhere on October 3rd, 2014

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“WAR”, is the latest video by the Cameroonian-born Afro / Soul reggae artist. The singer request listeners to pay attention to the lyrics, because through the lyrics, Dr Sley preaches the ills of war! No one wins a war. Both side loose LOVE, PEACE and UNITY which are so important in our lives. He performs this over John Legend’s ‘All of Me” instrumental. The video was realized by AsquadeCity and brought to you exclusively by G-Tv International

Let the words sink into your soul!

Mail: sley@jmcameroun.com
Tel: +237 99902634 / +237 77668287
Skype: drsley
Facebook: DrSley
Twitter: @drsley


The Struggle Continues

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