Dr Success Nkongo On The Current Amba- Anglophone Crisis | Amba Boys | Listen To Something

1 month ago

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Les dernières nouvelles vous apportent les dernières actualités dans le sud du Cameroun, alors que la crise socio-politique continue de secouer le pays. Nous vous apportons également les dernières nouvelles du monde, abonnez-vous à notre chaîne pour connaître les derniers événements dans les régions camerounaises du sud (anglophones).
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The Struggle Continues

21 thoughts on “Dr Success Nkongo On The Current Amba- Anglophone Crisis | Amba Boys | Listen To Something”

  1. You feel fine today, you will not tomorrow. Continue to frustrate the struggle. You will regret it. How long will you eat the blood money given? Shameless fool.

  2. USA has given sanction against Cameroon for human rights abuses. Human abuses against the southern Cameroonians. Cameroon is urged to go to Switzerland to dialogue with the ambazonians

  3. 99 days for the thief(Failure Nkongho) but one day for the owner. Your days are counted. Anyone that collaborates with a genocidal regime in killing innocent people must be charged with treasons. Keep on insulting people. You deserve to be garre. Whether you have thousands bodyguards you will be garre. We shall see how you will be permanently on the run.

  4. My uncle’s son Peter from Eyumojock who has never ever involved himself in the Ambazonia struggle is among your refugees / ex- fighters you brought from Nigeria .what a shame! I believe your parents were very evil ! Scammer like you, you can run your mouth as you like , the Almighty God has the final say . I pity your children because they will be the one to indemnify your satanic activities.
    Chai ! Half nose like they measure ram before they cuttam .

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