Dread – Columbine [Prod. Baphomet]

9 months ago

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Back to Columbine like it’s 1999, trench coats loaded up, intratec tec 9, 99 explosives, Hi-Point 9-9-5 Carbine, two pump guns, four fucking knives, 24 hurt, 15 lives.
52, 32, 28, let the 9 spray if they hatin’
make ’em feel the 12 gauge, shoot at students from the staircase.
Shots to the back, shots to the face, shots to the arm, shots to the leg- guns that go off at our will, try to crawl off and we’ll kill you. See the blood spill- you can still feel the wrath of our 9 mils while you sit still in your wheelchairs, all the way to present fuckin’ day. It don’t matter what you say we’re comin’ with the blades. It don’t matter what you say we’re comin’ in to slay. Life is just a game we were never meant to play, born into this world, never meant to stay.
Born into this world, never meant to stay, born into this world, only here to spray.

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