2 thoughts on “Dreadful Consequences — Sunday School October 14, 2018 (Union Gospel Press)”

  1. Thank God, I stood on the Word (as a friend of mine did) and declared the curse does not apply to me along with scriptures; and graciously God gave me two deliveries free from pain. Praise the Lord Jesus. When I think of this title… Death entered. Let me back up; when God spoke with Adam, Adam did not repent or express sorrow. I am trying to wrap my mind around this. Sin brought in guilt, shame, pride, and blame …fear, dread, decay, death came in. The animals developed defense mechanisms, the snake became venomous, animals eating animals, fighting, murder …. Holy holy God.  All types of deceit, destruction and forms of death was unleashed. When I think that this one act changed the whole world it is hard to comprehend. The blessing of being fruitful and to multiply was not changed, however, conditions were connected or linked to the blessing. Thank God… He solved the sin problem in Genesis… the SEED of the woman shall CRUSH the head (authority) of the wicked and our Savior will be bruised…the purchase price for our redemption and Hallelujah! we get a great, great SALVATION package. And, we will laugh at the devil, and Hallelujah!  Thank God the devil is defeated…the keys of death, hell and the grave have been snatched from him. Lord, help us know, what all of this means. Blessings for the lesson and the charts…thank you.

  2. Blessings… Thank you again, as I listen again. I respect your perspective of Adam's response. Personally, I do not like the way Adam responded. It seems like a spirit of independence, self-sufficiency, pride and such the like… in the form of acceptance occurs. I am not seeing or hearing repentance…. it's almost like.."oh well" "whatev'r" "kay sah rah sah rah"…. thank God Adam did not get suicidal. However, I think he could have responded better. Lord have mercy, his son is going to kill his other son. Something did not go down right. Again… thank you, I do appreciate your insight and faithfulness. Blessings.

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