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1 week ago

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Hello My Dear Student,
Thank you for watching the summary video based on Individual and Society book. I hope you liked the content.

This video is based on “Individual & The Society” Book from the syllabus of SOL Delhi University. I hope the video was helpful for you.

Our society is divided into various fragments due to caste, religion, gender, poverty and various biases. Understanding of the place of an individual in the society helps us see the world with better clarity. This book does the excellent job of getting us familiar with various stigmas faced by individuals. By understanding so, we tend to become better human beings.

I strongly recommend you to read the book in addition to watching the summary and commentary.


To understand the chapter better and get good marks in English, please follow these steps:

STEP 1) Read the original chapter before watching the video summary & solutions. Try to understand the theme and many plot of the chapter.
STEP 2) List out the difficult words from the chapter and understand their meaning
STEP 3) Watch the video summary of the chapter/ poem
STEP 4) Read the chapter/poem again
STEP 5) Try to solve the questions on your own.
STEP 6) Watch the solutions video for assistance.

#By following above steps you will never forget the chapter even after many years.

Chapter wise summary of The Individual and Society:

Here’s the link of the book I am using:

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