9 thoughts on “EBENEZAR AKWANGA-pearl of wisdom for Winning the Revolution & preventing a South Sudan in Ambazonia”

  1. If the IG does not demonstrate solid leadership, then county by county is the only best option. Stop insinuating fear in the people. No tribal war would occur. Ambazonians want freedom and not posts. You guys calling yourselves leaders are the ones fighting for posts. Those boys need support and fast. If they don't get it, then they would turn to alternatives.

    Based on what you are saying, i am now suspecting that the IG is intentionally not arming the amba boys for fear of not being able to disarm them after the struggle. If this is true, does it mean that you guys prefer them to die rather than give them arms for self defence?

  2. The IG can open a radio station within a month, but they cannot arm our boys…everyday they tell us about the tunami they will bring unto LRP,but LRP is haven't even got a rainfall yet coming From the IG,how is a radio station taking us to buea for fuck sake….we know self defense will give us independence,how many of our activists are talking on a radio station? I don't understand this Our IG,look at how long it even took them to acknowledge that self defence was way to go,a strategy that has long been emphasized by Dr Cho and Dr Akwanga,
    This IG certainly does not understand the concept of the scale of preference…. useless politics every fucken day…

  3. Dr Akwanga you are scared because County by County will dry off your bank count. County by County is the best way to go in this struggle. You aren't going to dictate to Ambazonian people what they want.

  4. You guys fought each other in DC for mere $50.000 which should have been chanelled to our fighters on ground zero. Therefore, it's time for Ambazonians to focus on their Counties.

    I urgent all Ambazonians to invest in the liberation of their County.

    Dr Akwanga should stop frigthening us with South Sudan senerio.

  5. This path you devils have decided to embark upon will finally lead you guys to your long overdue purgatory. You think you can fool all Anglos and go undetected? We know your true intents, Doc. Ever since day one, and you'll all fail.

    How on earth are you going to manage those our kids whom you have all abused with banga and Tramadol after this fight? Or, do you really believe those fighting on ground zero are going to fight, only for you to come in thereafter with your badly knotted ties and occupy the governor's residence in Buea?

    What pains me the most, personally, is not even your madness. But the mere fact all those behind you are still unable to figure out that you guys are not the SAINTS you claim to be but clones of LUCIFER. What is really rendering the brains of all those following you guys in your madness numb? Is it what Jung calls Archetype or inherited unconscious? The hate for Francos? If it were Biya, you know where to get him.

    Why are you crying on this video, Doc? You thought by hijacking the legit struggle of Anglos that was it, didn't you? If I were in your shoes, I'll start making peace with CHINEKE.

    Hope you guys knew on which quicksand you're all standing…

  6. Ask joshua car for a full rundown n organigram of county by county kk don't say things you have no mastry on. We appreciate all the efforts you have made for this struggle n we would like you also to welcome the participation of others provided we have the same objective.

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