Ebenezer Akwanga. A Case for compensation

2 years ago

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In October 1999, Ebenezer Akwanga and dozens of other Southern Cameroons activists were sentenced to long prison terms by the Military tribunal in Cameroon for subversion. Ebenezer received a 20 year jail term but escaped from prison 7 years later. He was tortured and almost blinded in prison. Most of his prison inmates died in prison.
In 2006, Ebenezer was granted refugee status in the USA. in 2008, he contated London based human rights organisation Redress that fights for the rights of state tortured victims. The case was taken to the UN human rights Committee that ruled in Ebenezer’s favour in 2011. The state of Cameroon had to make reparations, including paying compensation to Ebenezer for the years he was imprisoned and tortured. Five years after that landmark case, the Cameroonian government has been feet dragging and refusing to compensate Ebenezer. This is his Case for compensation


The Struggle Continues

3 thoughts on “Ebenezer Akwanga. A Case for compensation”

  1. Lost fight. We love our country as it is ''indivisible''. Ambazonia is just a dream… Should a foreign language be the identity of a people?… dog sense. Our only problem in Cameroon is Paul Biya (Ahidjo also was) who is a puppet of the international raiders. Fake independence where they left through the door and returned through the window. Stop seeking for justice from your oppressor. They have spilt human blood everywhere they have gone to.

  2. I was sure that this fake doctor Ebenezer with fake phd from nigeria was doing all this nonsense noise to seek compensation. get lost, even a penny or a dollar you will not get. you can make noise to get attention and be granted refugee status because you are failed asylum seekers. enjoy your benefits with free houses,free food,free medical care,free gas free school for you son ,free water,free electricity,but don't send innocent people and struggle people back home in the street to be killed while hiding and enjoying good live with your soon in USA.

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