20 thoughts on “Ebenezer Akwanga is at it again…Listen as he talks about what is going on in the struggle. share”

  1. Hahaha Chris Anu remains our CS period. You're not God at all to tell him he has ran out of his days. Monsters killers like Ayaba has caused this struggle more pain ,but never for ones have you told him that his days are numbered, what hypocrisy? We are watching

  2. Why do people still trust any thing that comes from those men of God whether in word or charity to our people? Their era is gradually fading away. Only SCs will free themselves from this error by RENEWING their minds. You are "gods ". And gods seat on the table as gentlemen and negotiate not one lording over the other.

  3. Cameroonian anglophone are criminals. They are abroad create many criminals group all around in my country kidnap kill and cameroonian government is give them the way. For what I don't know

  4. Dr Ebenezer, I agree with you 100% that Chris Anu is destroying this struggle with his mouth of always trying to belittle the other leaders. But let us stop all these name calling and infighting against one another. Unity is the only way forward. God bless ambazonia.

  5. Akwanga what is your problem? Those asking for money are ADF SOCADEF, both you and your Ayaba. Talk about your Ayaba also. Ayaba is working to show or justified that there is infighting in amba land. Go county by county not militia by militia.

  6. Guys, I have always had my doubts about comrade Akwnga, unless someone has some more data to put put there, the brother did well. This was a brilliant outing. I think he spoke from his heart. I know emotions run high but it pays to step back and think things over. When it comes to 8 million Ambazonians, we should never let anyone manipulate us. We live in the digital age, meaning we can analyze data and make our own conclusions. Let every one who considers themselves a leader sit up !!!!

  7. Eric Tataw last month you came up with an olive branch for peace and forgiveness, i welcome it happily,with the understanding that you are a change man.
    i kept to my promise, not to insult or attack your family life.
    But to my suprise, you made 360° U-turn back to the ( ORIGINAL NWACHUKU) THAT I KNOW.
    You started attacking,insulting comrade Ayaba Lucas.
    I want to keep silent for a while cos xmas n New year while building up my attacks and insults towards you in retaliatory to what you did to you.
    But let me keep you on NOTICE to the following for you to do your home work.
    1- Is Atangang Nji and Chief Mukete not LRC who you are attacking Comrade Ayaba Lucas for collaburating with them?
    2- Is CDC not LRC which the GM of CDC gave 23 million CFA to Sako Ikome to help stopping distruction of CDC assets????? Nwachuku Eric you kept a blind eye as usual cos you are an ally of the king of fraud sako ikome aka IMBECILE.
    3- Are you not the one who said few months ago that IG should release General RK??? Till date, did IG released General RK???
    4- General Ivo gave advanced notice to IG that if they dont release Gen RK and return his weapons, he will attack.You and your boss sako with the chief clown Chris Anus simply smile,under estimate Gen Ivo n Comrade Ayaba Lucas.
    5- When the lion got loose from the den in Batibo, Nwachuku Eric is crying all over calling activists he insulted in the past to unite against Ayaba, Nwachuku do you see how you blend yourself as a HERMAPHRODITE cos you FUCK yourself every day, today you are with unity, tomorrow you are for seperation this is why your new name is now ( HERMAPHRODITE NWACHUKU ERU TATAW)
    6- 2 days ago you spoke to my native brother from kupe Muanenguba who is in China, claiming he has the largest number of fighters in GZ, OMG HERMAPHRODITE NWACHUKU ERU TATAW are you not the one who said few months ago that you HERMAPHRODITE NWACHUKU ERU TATAW is the supreme commander of Ambazonia with the largest number of fighters.Are you not a HERMAPHRODITE ??????? I am a native kupe Muanenguba, take NOTE.
    7- Do you think big numbers of fighters means you are powerfull than others?? Take example Isreal, the entire Africa continet cant fight isreal, so there for, no Ambazonia without Ayaba Lucas Cho, Believe That HERMAPHRODITE NWACHUKU ERU TATAW

  8. But for protection,Father Jude needed an officer for their safety.some these Ambaboys are insulting and have spoiled the struggle.Ambaboys aren't fighting again for our independence but for their own selfish interest.All of u guys are Evil

  9. You are Satan incarnated all investigations of kidnappings,tortures,ransoming….lead to you.you are not what you pretend to be but one thing you should know at the appropriate time all evidence gathered will speak out and you will be sent to ICC.

  10. Catholic Church and you are all the same.both of you must stop killing and afflicting Cameroonians.it was the Catholic church that France used to assassinate UM NYOMBE.France sent Monseigneur MOGO to negaciate with UM NYOMBE but in reality one of the main goal was to use Monseigneur MOGO to locate UM NYOMBE from his camp where He was operating from.after UM NYOMBE rejected France offer it didn’t take long He was assassinated by the French.Monseigneur MOGO was used by the French army locate UM NYOMBE.

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