Education will be key to win the fight– a man lectures people Church centre bamenda

2 years ago

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A man lectures people at Church Centre Bamenda as he educates them on the importance of the history that they have on their hands. Call for new symbols in the struggle. Tum tum tum is the new one.More local groups and ground forces are educating the mases in their communities. Advice others in your villages to do so
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The Struggle Continues

One thought on “Education will be key to win the fight– a man lectures people Church centre bamenda”

  1. My people, my beloved people of Southerns, resistance becomes the rule when injustice becomes the law. Remember, burning of our own property is violation of our own law of the soil. Those are our properties and LRC will never take them away from our soil. Please make it peaceful, avoid confrontations because we do not want to lose any more lives. Let us be civil in our protests so our leaders will not be accused of promoting violence. Peaceful demos will also help us win our case. Do not give LRC the opportunity to fire their weapons at us. Make them ashamed with their weapons by resisting peacefully. Do not attack anyone. do not throw stones at anyone.

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