1. Your own founding fathers handed you the Republic? OMG where is this guy coming from? Is he a Cameroonian? I can see from the way he speaks that he has no confidence in himself. Do they say he's a minister? What a shame for a nation to put such an ignorant and self centered man in power. Lord help us.

  2. Stupid man. You stand there to attest that you hv been part of biya's gang. U join a gang of thieves and terrorists to kill your own brothers? Even the devil is mocking at you. See how u are agitating. Why can't you speak with calmness and confidence like Joshua and Kamto? See how even the judges and the military are watching u like they watch fools. Traitor.

  3. Even the diaper wearer Mr biya mocks at your foolishness. Please watch your weight. The money they are giving you to sell out a people you call yours is making you become too fat and out of proportion and you really look ugly in it.

  4. I met this guy on several occasions, I spoke to this guy on several occasions and most confess that he is a self centered man and nothing counts but himself. Its not only a shame but a disaster to the southern cameroonian and most of all to the Bakossi people of the kupe manengouba.

  5. Bro ngolle, can u just stand 4 the truth 4 once? Where's the stability of this country, where's the peace, where's even the so called unity if only a part of the so call United country voted, where's all those good things that a country like ours ought to enjoy? I'm sorry to say that, ur prob is only ur position, ur party & maybe part of ur team, not cameroonians talkless of those u call SW & NW regions of ur country… beware all of us must give accounts to the maker of man no matter who they're…u people should just stop this useless killings a common man pls…may God help us

  6. Nothing but a big bastard,you will pay for your evil dids Ngolle ,u don't even know were u belongs,if you know wht is good for u don't put Ur legs in your. Village anymore stupid man

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