Encantadia: Hasne Ivo Live, Lireo!

4 years ago

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Maghahanda na sina Reyna Amihan at Prinsipe Ybrahim sa pagbawi sa kaharian ng Lireo.

Aired: September 23, 2016

Watch ‘Encantadia,’ weeknights on GMA Telebabad, starring the four Sang’gres of Encantadia, Kylie Padilla as Amihan, Gabbi Garcia as Alena, Sanya Lopez as Danaya and Glaiza de Castro as Pirena. Also included in the cast are Dingdong Dantes, Ruru Madrid, Klea Pineda, Migo Adecer, Mikee Quintos, John Arcilla, Rochelle Pangilinan, Rocco Nacino and Marian Rivera.
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The Struggle Continues

46 thoughts on “Encantadia: Hasne Ivo Live, Lireo!”


    The "so-called-forest" that's being taped inside the studio is clearly fake. The settings are very good, except those fake forestlands. Honestly, it looks like a stageplay. The Asnamon portal? Its very obvious.

    Most of the extras you got cannot act properly, making it look more like a stageplay. I swear you need to choose wisely.

    Before Pirena stole the gem of Fire, she also tried to steal the other gems and she couldn't get it. And now, Pirena can get any gem she wants to get. Why is that?

    There's this episode when Hitano, now living in our world, didn't understand the word "anak-anakan" whereas Mira mentioned the word "ina-inahan" when she was talking with Gurna. So this probably means, 'ina-inahan' exists in Encantadia while 'anak-anakan' doesn't.

    Before the scene when Pirena changed the babies. Gurna and Ades were the only ones in the room, Pirena wasn't there. When Ades went out, Gurna called Pirena just by whispering her name and she appeared. But before she called her, Gurna also had mentioned about the letter given by Minea for Pirena that she did not actually give, didn't Pirena hear it or did she just not listen? Rewatch the scene. Maybe Pirena just sensed Gurna calling her? I don't know.

    The fight scenes are amazing. Danaya slays in her fight scenes while Amihan's are jaw-dropping! But sometimes, camera shots taken are not just right. There's this scene, you can't really call it a fight scene but, remember when Anthony saved Mira from some random guys? The shot taken didn't look good.

    Pirena once mentioned about her gem being the most powerful among the others. Please explain this further. ((Anyways, at least it was shown, remember that scene when Pirena's gem equaled the combined gems of Alena and Danaya amid their practice? And when Amihan's gem lost against Pirena's in episode 44?))

    Pirena and Danaya are indeed professional actors. Mira's one too. I don't see any problem with Amihan's she's definetely okay, same opinion with Alena. Your choices are perfect (Again, except the extras) but don't you think Ruru looks too young to portray Ybrahim's? He'll be grandfather soon. Good luck Ybarro!

    You don't have enough budget for better CGIs so you're putting too much effort to make the visual effects look real. There's this episode when the window grills in Lireo have green grains (Not sure what its called) which I think was the green screen. Snakes, dragons and most pashneas look fake too. The editors are getting lazy! Don't be. It will definetely ruin the show. Last time mulawin's wings looked so real, now its no longer anymore.

    (JUST A SILLY SUGGESTION) If you want a better change, you should not just give Danaya and Alena their Princes. Give Amihan one too. Especially Pirena! Give her two. One is Ken Alfonso, Mira's father who was killed by Pirena, he should be alive. And two should also be a handsome guy, probably Ken's rival. It would look so cute two men fighting for Pirena and there she is, not even noticing them. There were so many people who loved Pirena and now they're gone. Please get her fans back! For those who stayed, congratulations to us!

    I am currently watching Etheria, and I'm impressed with its story. I hope you remake it too. Just don't add too many characters. Anyways, if you don't want to remake it, I guess its fine. But I want to see the new Pirena change and work together with her sisters. So please?

    In the very beginning of the story, you should have shown the 4 Sanggres already. Like what they did in Majika. And the fight scenes should have been amazing in the 1st episode, unfortunately it wasn't. Only when the Sanggres came, the fight scenes improved.

    The effects will make it look more real if the videos are uploaded in its highest quality. Upload 1080p episodes in iFlix!

  2. Nakakainis si Aquil puro siya kay Alira while wala pa si Sang'gre Danaya then yung tinanong siya ni Sang'gre Danaya kung may iba ba siyang binigyan ng pansin si Alira kaya yun tapos sabi niya wala. Nakakainis siya. 😒😒😒

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