Ending the Conflict in NW/SW: Can a Referendum Solve the Puzzle ? – Sunday 02nd May 2021

2 weeks ago

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The Struggle Continues

19 thoughts on “Ending the Conflict in NW/SW: Can a Referendum Solve the Puzzle ? – Sunday 02nd May 2021”

  1. Dr Nick, we are not fighting for ENAM, development, reconstruction, peace, or governance or whatever. We are fighting for total independence. If you don't understand the disease, you won't be able to solve it. Its not unity of the Cameroons, we are fighting for separation from LRC.

  2. We Ambazonians want LRC to get out of our land. The dialogue will be about the payment plan of LRC to Ambazonia for their 60 years of occupation, exploitation and genocide against our people. Whatever form of state LRC wants to enforce in LRC is their problems.

  3. Ambazonian is ready to dialogue for seperation not reconciliation. Any dialogue that just want one cameroon is not a dialogue, any dialogue that does not restore our sovrienty,

  4. We are two different cuotriy so we are not from French Cameroon we are from southern Cameroon we have nothing to do with French Cameroon English and French can not be one we are two different cuotriy southern Cameroonian who are working with the French Cameroon government that is there problem wether the came back home that is there problem we don't need them

  5. This man call Dr Ngwanyam is he really normal in his brain mentioning Paul Biya to call dialogue?. May thunder fire that his mouth when he talks of dialogue of win win situation and reconciliation with the devil French Cameroon. After almost four years of war Pa Aya talks of referendum for what, to get what next in a war situation like this?. Why was there a war in the first place?. Doesn't that tell this hypocrites it's because the people want their independent away from French Cameroon?. How come Pa Aya says "what do the people want"?.

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