England: ‘Nazis out’ say protesters following Markfield stabbing

5 years ago

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M/S Anti-nazi signs
C/U Anti-nazi signs
W/S Protesters holding anti-nazi signs
M/S Protesters holding flags
SOT, Weymann Bennet, Unite Against Fascism (in English): “The police were informed that the stabbing was going to take place, but took no actions to prevent it. Just imagine if this people happened to be muslim men going on about the jihad or what have you.”
M/S Protester holding flag
W/S Protesters holding anti-nazi banner
M/S Protester holding anti-nazi banner
SOT, Weymann Bennet, Unite Against Fascism (in English): “We want it to be very clear that Polish migrants are welcome here. We love the Polish shops, we love the Polish people, this protest has no representation and nothing at all to do with Polish people, it has to do with fighting fascism.”
M/S Protesters in rally
M/S Protesters in front of Tottenham Town Hall
M/S Banner reading “No to racism”

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Dozens of people gathered in front of Tottenham town hall on Monday to protest against a far right group that claimed responsibility for the stabbing of a man during a music festival in the neighbourhood.

Unite Against Fascism called for the vigil in light of Saturday’s incident in Markfield Park, where around 40 members of the Polish far-right group Zjednoczeni Emigranci descended on hundreds of festival goers before throwing flares and rocks at the attendees.

Physical confrontations broke out and culminated in the stabbing of a 24-year old man who was rushed to the hospital.

Police arrested two men in connection with this incident.

Unite Against Fascism are calling for an even larger demonstration at Markfield Park this Saturday.

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7 thoughts on “England: ‘Nazis out’ say protesters following Markfield stabbing”

  1. This bunch of unwashed misfits are just anti-white racists. When did they ever protest about innocent white people being attacked and stabbed in London by black gangs, which is a far bigger problem in London than a handful of skinheads throwing a few missiles.

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