[ENGLISH]Opposition candidate, Professor Maurice Kamto claims he won by over 39% votes cast.listen.

1 year ago

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Opposition candidate, Professor Maurice Kamto claims he won by over 39% of validly cast votes.ENGLISH VERSION Maurice Kamto reject the results of the constitutional council.Fake Figure from the RESULTS
ENGLISH VERSION Maurice Kamto reject the results of the constitutional council.Fake Figure from the RESULTS


The Struggle Continues

35 thoughts on “[ENGLISH]Opposition candidate, Professor Maurice Kamto claims he won by over 39% votes cast.listen.”

  1. Paul Biya should run again after this term ends. Alone. It’s time we all understood that elections in Cameroon don’t mean shit. Next time, all parties should pull out of the race and let him run again and win and stay president until he is over 100 years old. Witchcraft in Cameroon.

  2. Becareful Yaya. Just as i said, count ur teeth in ur mouth and always look before u leap. I will advice u not to hurry to throw stones while living in a glass house. It has been observed that most idiots like u hurry to look for their own death with their hands. Maybe u where shy to use the right word. I would have preferred u to say " I would teach u a lesson" but I'm surprised to see u transliterate before translatibg to " I will follow u". Maybe I should remind u gibberishly. Yaya only blokes would dare send threats blindly. I'm sure u don't know that the devil does not live in Hell but in the human body. Out of ignorance u still find it difficult to position my status. I don't need to be a genuine anglophone idiot. If ur temperament is 98 % don't enter the dance here. Contribution is meant for those who bring forth critique and not critic.

  3. Adel and why can't u cease from playing Nazzredy? I hope u are not misplacing priority here between fancies and foolish courage. U are making ur self so silly that u start by talking of tribes here without mastering the rules. What is Bafaw. Why do u think I should belong to these minority because u were tricked by names. See how soon u come here to expose ignorant.

  4. Leke there is no classroom here except u are interested in setting up one. Each response comes depending on the source, the language and intent within. If fire is sent. Expect brimestone in return. Once ice is sent then be waiting for water to dissolve it. Some goats get to opinion box and instead of shaping ideas for us to learn they foolishly react on primitive ideologies thereby betraying their selfish political leanings. This is why any point u advance contrary to their expectation u find these loons fusing with anger in such a manner that u can feel the vibration on this page. I want all these half bakes to know that I'm not use to licking the anus of politicians. This is why I don't need crumbs to hail any here. There is politics as a politician different from politics as an academic. If any one get confused between these two schools then let him fold his tongue in his mouth.

  5. Be strong in the Lord and the power of his might my president. This battle is not yours my president. This battle is not physical but spiritual. The God of the book of Isaiah chapter 40:28-29 shall surely handle Cameroon issues.Putting God Almighty first in this matter we pray that HIM GOD,through YOU my president bring JUSTICE and grant the heart desire of Cameroonians not by might or power but by his SPIRIT.
    MY president I can see you have given your LIFE for this considering the fact that this country has no LAW. But I'll wish to advice You my president if you permit me that, be prayerful and put your trust only in the LORD JESUS my president. As you are determined I pray the Almighty God Jehovah be your strength for with him all things are POSSIBLE IN JESUS'S NAME AMEN!

  6. Defend your IRREFUTABLE VICTORY until the end. Let your body guards be very strong and protect you at your home and everywhere. Biya may try to arrest or harm you. Let God protect you in Jesus name, Amen.

  7. Where are the bamis? A bunch of corrupt people like their leader kamto who claim victory without evidence.

    Kamto don't speak in English. we don't recognise you in ambazonia. so please address bamileke people and not ambazonisns.

    Tell bamis to fight for you just as anglophones fought for Fru Ndi. Les peureux.

  8. Paul Biya was born a thief. He was cursed by his relatives. He stole things when was in a seminary and he was dismissed out of School. He has stolen every elections in Cameroon since 1992. He is a very wicked man.

  9. why did u guys accepted the convening of elections while the southern cameroons were not part of the election, why did you not reject Clement Atangana appointment by biya before going for elections . you politicians doesn't care or mine the plight of the people chop your fufu alone or accept a free citizenship of Ambazonia.

  10. Nelly, les Mouton de la Republique ne devait Pas entree dan la politique d'un systeme stupifiante. Nelly, this page is not mearnt for blokes, loons and numskulls woozy fools. It is mearnt for sound and ready men. Since some of u are so blind in ur stupidity that u don't even realize that only pseudonym is used here it is good I remind u that not every spoon can be used for cuttlery. I am not even an Anglophone nor want to be an anglophone to talk politics of the stomach. I am not even in ur dirty politics. I don't need to lick the boot of govenement to earn a living. It is some of u whose parents delivered u through Prostitution and whose joblessness has enable a stinch of frustration in u. Ur government is bad yes ask ur father's and mothers. Right in my village here in Mayo Rel in the North we have all. Si vous avez tort de raisoner la veriter en face aller pisser sure vos parents. Salle bete. We know well that it is the greed and selfishness of ur forethers that put u people in a mess to join us the French speaking. Iam so happy that I'm Francophone. My personal struggle is what feeds me. I don't need to steal from government money. Most of u will get mad especially now that the empty headed Kamto just lost. I don't support him and would never support a coward like that not even to talk of aligning with him. If u anglophones were clever u would not have disgraced urself behind a very dull politician who does not even has a mastery of the rubriques of election. Allah is great.

  11. you are dying there killing your own brothers and sisters
    and you're calling people names it's our language fuck english and French
    you've been calling British for help why they didn't come
    shame for when bamilékés was dying in 1960 where you was why are you call Kamto
    go to yaoundé and try that ur mother fucker they will kill you like mosquitos

  12. Bullshit Kamto, you lost. Stop wasting our time vainly hoping that people will rise up to be bludgeoned on the streets. Get the hell out.
    Send your own kids to the streets.

  13. This is the man GOD Almighty has appointed to lead Cameroon .
    Demonic biya regime and his gangsters followers again are trying to dupe people's will.
    But all their game is vaine .

  14. Well said, Mr. President elect. Cameroonians have made their choice, we do not accept the dictate of the constitutional council which is the mouth of that oppressing system. Sovereignty procced from the people not from a corrupt juridiction. Until we see the original 32 PVs which they refused to put forward when they were requested, we will not accept their circus. We know who won the election. we know who is the real president of cameroon. what a disgrace for Mr. paul Biya togo out of the political scene by such a shameful door. The Most High God will judge his stubornness – for he chose to walk the path of corruption when God was calling him to repent and walk the path of truth and justice.

  15. Very bilingual, the population are seriously behind you.I see many solutions from you sir.The spirit to calm the anglophone matter rest on your shoulders in fact, the long awaiting peace in Cameroon is in your hands.God bless you sir.

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