Epie kingsley Ekane writes..,…………………. Since the Anglophone problem started some two m…

1 year ago

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Epie kingsley Ekane writes..,………………….

Since the Anglophone problem started some two months ago, there has been a lot of agitations and talks about Biya’s inner circle. I notice with dismay the particular silence of Minister Martin Belinga Eboutou who is no doubt the most powerful man now in Cameroon besides Biya.

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Minister Eboutou, who if a fervent Biya loyalist is a smart diplomat who has a very rich career having served his master for more than 3 decades both nationally & internationally. At 76, (he is 7years younger than Biya Bi Mvondo) whom he met in the seminary. A devote Catholic Christian, Belinga Eboutou has built a church in his village & is a friend to most renowned priests and Bishops in the country.

This very power personality has always tried to shy away from the spotlight and only act behind the scenes both in his political life, and in carrying out Machiavelli schemes for the Biya regime. The Chameleon as I will called him can brag of having as close friends a lot of Southern Cameroonians from Fru Ndi to Cardinal Tumi. He has used his Catholic affiliation to penetrate the inner circles of Anglophone Elites while spying on their activities. It’s no news that Belinga controls Cameroon today. Nobody gets to Biya without passing through him. Inner circle secrets have it that, Belinga Eboutou is the undeclared ‘President’ of Cameroon. Chantal Biya reported had a feud with him some few days before the presidential couple received new year wishes. Mme Biya’s anger is said to have been caused by Belinga’s repeated interference into the couple’s private life. The Chameleon was chased out of the Mvomeka Palace for some days.

The level of influence Belinga Eboutou has on Biya was very glaring when in a state visit to the French president last year, and answering questions from journalists, Mr. Eboutou rushed to help Biya when the president could not answer a question about the dubious activities of Bollore Group in Cameroon. Belinga Eboutou has positioned his children in major government state owned companies just like all the crook ministers in the Biya regime. His son working in SONARA has the powers of a GM. This smart crook has teamed up with several CPDM loyal business men to acquire shares in most of the privatised Companies in Cameroon and some in Southern Cameroon. They have a network of bogus Consortiums with fake foreign investors who come in as buyers whereas in reality they are the main owners. The case of Ndu Tea Estate is an example. It should be recalled that Mr. Chameleon spent most of his diplomatic career in EU & US where he chaired the UN security council meetings during the deadlock period of the Irak war. He has friends and connections and constantly boast behind the scenes as the negotiator during the Bakassi crises. In fact, no decision is taken in the Country without his knowledge.

He is one of the architects of the unitary state and will never allow Biya to have a dialogue on the form of the state. It is reported that he has thrown or blocked several reports from reaching Biya till he gets a solution which he will always convince the ailing president to accept his opinion. Even other Biya die heart stooges are aware of Belinga’s powers and will never dare criticize him in public. His role in the ongoing crises in Cameroon is very primordial. All decisions emanating from the presidency have been scrutinized by The Chameleon. It is very important for Cameroonians especially Southern Cameroonians to know all these old, bad, ugly guys derailing the country so they will be held accountable. They are all responsible for the killings, arrests, rapes & internet black out in the Southern Cameroon.

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