"Eric Blame Shift What He Caused" (SCnians Fight For Amba Not Him!) Nonsense About QueenBed! Rubbish

1 year ago

Young lady clearly you like to play with FIRE…since you think you are so important because you sleep on queen bed and brush teeth and your friends on GZero are not…Well let me open your eyes to the person you are opening your mouth wide and giving him information on yourself that he can use to destroy you…
1 you can see from the way he was repeatedly asking you what you did and how – it is to better understand so he knows how to destroy you and break you down – he is jealous of you and will bring you off the rails – already you could have been doing some pharmacy homework or whatever it is you were bragging you are studying, but rather you are there wasting your time with him talking nonsense about queen bed and brushing teeth, who really cares what you do in your privacy? Only people like eric does so they can destroy it…
2 Eric is super aware that he is very a bad person, unlikable and does not act like a normal human…he knows he is absolutely not a GOOD PERSON! that is why he goes around seeking out good/kind hearted people that are willing to give him too much of themselves…he knows that he has very bad intentions and he does not want people to see that and wants to be seen as a different person that is why he plans his appearances around people very well – he changes his persona very quickly depending on who he is talking to because he wants to appear likable to whoever is around him
Eric’s Aim is to confuse people…he is trying everything to make others look like him so he is constantly exchanging his identity with others – notice how he shifted the fighting for ambazonia on to you “ambazonia you all are fighting for” and to think you are just joining his struggle! Caution!
See how he is shifting the situation he caused on to you and others “you all call them la republic” “ambazonia you all are fighting for” not him he did not cause the fighting…Manipulator/Toxic/Brainwasher
See how he is brainwashing you to believe that you caused the crisis and not him…he wants you to look like him because he knows he has done a lot of bad stuff and needs someone to be blamed down the road when time comes…he can blame anybody even a baby for his actions because it is never their responsibility for what they have done NEVER! he had pre planned it…he is a master manipulator Very Clever
he wants people to think they are they bad person and not him and you are to blame and not him…he wants others like you to look crazy to the world and you end up destroying all the relationships you have and not have anything…Get away from him NOW!
Just hear how you talk about the 14 years you enjoyed SC and wouldn’t you like to come back and enjoy all what you mentioned? as you are mentioning eric knows he does not want all that kind of enjoyment to continue happening in SC…wants it destroyed! he wants you to do his dirty work for him since you are willing to sit and listen to his crab all day long…Unfortunately for you! He will bring you down because he cannot stand to see people strive…his aim is to make others suffer by getting close to them with the only intention of destroying them
Just hear hear her “people need to think for themselves” and why are you allowing eric to think for you? Nonsense instead of telling him to stop killing your friends, you are there showing off how your queen bed has gone up and come down…Idiot
SCnians did you all hear the statements Eric made “you all called them LRC” and “the ambazonia you all are fighting for” – notice how he excluded himself! he is encouraging the destruction of a place he is not willing to be a part of ever – he knows he has nothing to do with SC ever and so will do everything and anything to bring it down that is how jealous and evil hearted eric is – just see his face and his expressions he is enjoying the whole thing it does not touch him in any way that people are suffering and dying and this needs to stop. why should it stop it will mean GZero will start to get up and progress and enjoy life and be happy that he cannot stand to see happen.
And you Eric why is your wife and children not joining the struggle too? you go around brain washing other people’s children and family to join your madness…Idiot
Why was it important for you to mention that “he tried to offer me a drink” – SCnians manipulation tactic to appear important and has supporters and it is ok for you all to join him…see how he says it with a laugh! Devil Boy Caution
Hey Madam Queen Bed “Queen Elizabeth” the joining of any struggle is happening on Gzero and not Virginia or wherever…So come to GZero since you are so strong to take bullets and sleep in forest hotels lets see how you will get up from that your Queen nonsense and brush you teeth…hope you noticed how he indirectly was telling u not to go to school “someone who will say women should not go to school” – why couldn’t he have used a different example of the stereotype he clearly does not know anything about…Caution!


The Struggle Continues

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