17 thoughts on “ERIC TATAW Another Interview On The PSS Nkwen Saga With ABC, Fox News, New York Times”

  1. Great interview! Please next when talking with other major news media, emphasise the
    need for the media to talk to major organizations such as UN, US Govt, British, etc to find out what they plan to do to stop the killings.

  2. Excellent Work brother! Keep it on! Nobody is perfect and I have complained about you a couple of times. If you read them, take them seriously and use them to improve on yourself and on your work. Everyone makes mistakes. What matters is whether we learn the lessons and emerge stronger from them. May the Almighty God BLESS and PROTECT YOU, THE AMBA BOYS AND OUR CIVILIANS ON GROUND ZERO !!!

  3. Keep it up Eric Tataw and excellent use of a golden opportunity to to express our concerns as to why Amba genocide aucastrated by neighboring lrc is not being carried by international media
    Is it a conspiracy?

  4. Ooohhh, this my brother from another mother, E.T!! I love you so much!!! You are one of a kind! The world needed to hear these truths and also do something about them. God bless you plenti plenti bro!! You will live to see our new country, Ambazonia. God is with us!

  5. National telegram my foot. Eric tataw is the only reader. Nobody know this bullshit called newspaper. How a terrorist psychopath can be journalist. This idiot is a criminal

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