25 thoughts on “Eric Tataw– – Big Shame To Londoners Over The Oil Deal Saga Self-proclaimed Nation Of Ambazonia”

  1. God's time has exposed all the enemies of Ambaland. That promised Land. What they failed to know is that the revolution is God ordained,& so He is in- charge. Eric keep standing on the truth, for only the truth can set us free.

  2. What Ayaba did was very wrong but again we do not have a government as of yet. We will have a government when we are already in buea. People have their rights to say they don't recognize the IG. This oil saga is a distraction because no company would signed oil contract with a single individual besides we don't even control any territory in Ambazonian as of now. It's a shame on the part of the masterminder of this Saga.

  3. oh shut up Eric Tataw u are all bark and no bite. You get voice only for back camera. All of you so called activists( not leaders because non of you are fit to rule us) have failed. You are just as stupid and ignorant as the leaders you are trying to oust. Wuna dong di fight weh day nova break b4 na time weh day dong break we sense go come back for wuna head? You all are a disgrace.

  4. You some times say very interesting things, educating and encouraging the people. But some other times you make it a one man show, just talking what goes through your mind blocking people left and right, is that not some form of intimidation?

  5. You are a disgrace! Jealous of Ayaba Chi. Are you so foolish to believe that Ayaba Ch was going to sign a deal for personal use. He is the only visionary that is seeking to equip our forces with real weapons. You are just a visionless noisemaker. Self defense and every finances is what we need whether from oil deal or whatever. You are just a sinner that speaks evil of others to bring down their reputation.

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