16 thoughts on “ERIC TATAW-Breaking News From The American Senate TO All Ambazonians”

  1. Eric Tataw you're the best keep on my beloved son .God is our helper. The IG AP Dr Sako Samuel will lead us to Buea .Dr. Sako Samuel our only AP I G l did have anything to offer you Eric Tataw only my prayers only will help you.l pray every day for you my son and the IG Dr Sako Samuel.

  2. O Big Bro you are the best.The Enfant Cheri of our revolution.The video is yet to download,the music in honour of President Sisiku is just beginning,very poor network.Keep up Biggy.

  3. America doesn’t give a fuck about Africa or Cameroon they raped Africa for thousands of years and u would be fools to take any advice or support from them if u do there will be no way to get from under neath there oppression as Bad as Paul Biya is he has nothing on the atrocities of the American government

  4. Keep barking the last word belongs to the Cameroonian people. Not even your almighty American government can’t do anything about it. It seems that you believe you’re the only secessionist in the world. Pest like you are everywhere around the globe.

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