ERIC TATAW, Breaking; Sako's Call To Me Last Night and Documents Showing $2M Paid To Sako 4 Covid-9

1 week ago

Another Breaking From American Government; See Documents Showing 2Milloon dollars Paid To Sako, Anu For Coronavirus All In The Name Of Ambazonia.


The Struggle Continues

31 thoughts on “ERIC TATAW, Breaking; Sako's Call To Me Last Night and Documents Showing $2M Paid To Sako 4 Covid-9”

  1. You're an authentic liar, manipulator, enabler for LRC……. Who are you trying to convince with your lies and fake documents about doctor Samuel Sako Ikome? The United States is not like your failed country la republique du Cameroun or French Cameroun. You can't get the documents of anyone. It's impossible. It's a serious crime and you can be jailed for that if it were true. So stop telling lies. Are you the only one living in America and knows everything? Idiot. No one even in GZ can believe your lies, fake documents and nonsense. I and thousands of Ambazonians drafted for all the counties and ABC too. We'll continue to do so. Go and treat your mental problems. Your nonsense is too much. Obviously you deserve a bullet in your Afuakum head or to be poisoned with any substances. We're tired of your madness.

  2. Naguy was right no new poor state in Africa. If one man distract 4.2 millions when rΓ©fugiΓ©s are died hungry believe me it will the same if your own country one of you will take all alone and population will died hungry

  3. Stop telling lies.You only want to destroy the revolution.Fight lrp not your own people.You have never talked anything good of the IG because you only think that Sesiko is the only person you think can take us to Buea.When one door is close many more others are open.Have you asked Seseko the meaning of the meeting he had in Naira hotel

  4. Bros we pray and will continue to pray for your wellbeing and good health and likewise to the rest of your family. Keep up the good work our people need to know all the things going own. They may not have the way to voice their own opinions but they will act smartly. Thank God we have you and the rest of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers who are helping in anyway or form to pray and trust in you and our course to Ambazonia

  5. Bass people are supporting you to break down Sako so lrc should win the war but let me tell you, what ever amount of money you have taken from lrc and Bass business people please l promised you that ambazonians most win β€˜this. war, independence is near and you will vomit that money you use to buy yr house in Douala…….. ambazonians shine your eyes

  6. Good morning, good day good evening to everyone within national and out international boundaries of Ambazonia.The time has come for all Ambazonians to recall of the nature of LRC corrupt and embezzlement that has kept so many youths and aged where we are today

  7. EPOM Eric Tataw your noise will not stop us from going to Buea H.E. Dr Sako Samuel Ikome is leading us to Buea not Thief Ayuk Taba Julius .you must pay back the money LRC and the Bass gave you. EPOM Eric Tataw Ayuk Taba Julius will never and shall never rule or lead us to anywhere. Keep on crying .We shall contribute to the Dr Sako and Sis. Irine Ngwa. You must pay back LRC money .and we are going to sit down for our separation.EPOM Eric Tataw keep on crying.

  8. Sissiko was still in charged then. His appointees were still there. Part of my trip to Buea money is till with Sessiko appointees. Pls Ambazonians are not fulls. Come up with all the conspiracies u want ,u will never succeed. We are with the IG. We are with Sako. Despite ur little distractions,

  9. Since I was born, I have never seen a stupid and primitive idiot like Eric. Eric thinks since he is a journalist, he knows all. Those information u are putting out there, some of us have seen it and have made professional finding on them. Eric Stop deceiving week Ambazonians who are not privy to such information. Sako being the Ap had to be spending money. We have investigated all that in the background. Pls history shall not be kind to u.

  10. ERIC T T I pray that God Almighty will continue to bless guide protect you and family in Jesus Name Amen πŸ™ He will strengthen you and empower keep you strong and healthy I pray that the Pillar of Clout by Day around you going out and coming in and the Pillar of Fire πŸ”₯ by Night surround you Awake or sleeping in the Name of Jesus Amen May God Almighty Continue protecting always in Jesus Name Amen πŸ™ πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  11. Sako, chris anu, joshua carr came to this strugle for money making. How can an activist like joshua carr knows the truth of high level embezelment and he keep on supporting criminals like sako, chris anu. it means you are a tribalistic corupt actvist. I sorry those who follow you on face book, joshua carr you are a disgrace to your parents. Thieves. I urge all ambazonian not to follow you on face book anymore. You are finished once and for all. God bless Eric Tataw for this great investigation.

  12. Please beloved Amazonians, let's stop this blame game, I mean it's just misunderstanding. Bro Eric, Sako ,Ayaba, Sisiku etc etc etc are all seriously working for the liberation of ambazonia. The only thing is that they very intelligent n powerful that they cant tolerate each other's mistake. Let's find a way to unite please. May God gives us wisdom sooner

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