26 thoughts on “ERIC TATAW-Cleaning Thieves From The Ambazonian Revolution aka Certificate Of Non Conviction”

  1. Eric is really destructive now to this struggle, , please general Ivo try and captured Eric family on GZ , u need to sample this LRP agent cos Eric tataw is working for LRP

  2. It's unbelievable that only our own people who show case themself from the beginning as real Ambanzonians has now turn to become vampires of the struggle. May God never allow them see the light of day. Eric Tataw please expose them as much as possible. They will fail even before they could even start. Eric's actions of truth has proven he's on curse. No body can dispute such facts, both in his financial contributions. The rest has been using moneys contributed by members to pretend as if they are helping the struggle. Shame to all of them.

  3. U like talking nonsense. u just feel fighting is easy y not come and fight with odeshi let and realised that it just a propaganda. U better stop making videos that have no objectives……..

  4. My bro we are seing bad guys …you are for me the finest in europe ….u fight for the struggle not this power monsters….to IG i will stand until President Ayuk is out…God bless you

  5. County by County Sure bro!
    The good God is with you for us! Please don't give up on us please please.
    At this time bro you have proven yourself and if you make a mistake now we will understand brother.
    The people understand now more than ever!

  6. Where are we heading…is there any progress in this struggle.?
    What have we achieved so far?
    Please nothing is moving…instead people are dying..
    All people are good at is Bla bla bla.. with no action..
    The IG should restrategise

  7. Dear Eric, fear only your God and His grace is sufficient for you. Do not be distracted and do not wast time talking about traitors. Now only focus on the days ahead.

    God is leading. No matter the storm. The Lord our God is above the strongest hurricane and we will win.

    Stay on your lane.
    Remember remember!!!!

    God is leading and by His grace we are free.

  8. Please try to go straight to issues which concern the struggle. I think as an activist you are to say things which will unify, edify and encourage the people and not settle your scores on air. Ok, what is the plan of action, don't you see the struggle seems to have lost focus? You activist and leaders should find a common point of convergence and function as one. You guys are responsible for the failure of this struggle because everyone wants to be the leading voice.

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